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Monday, April 22, 2024

Issues related to the controversial Rwanda Bill are set to be discussed in Parliament today.

A highly divisive Bill, the policy aims to tackle illegal immigration by facilitating deportation flights to Rwanda.

Ministers in favour of the Policy argue that the plan is vital to tackling the issue of people arriving in the UK illegally via small boats across the English Channel.

Speaking on Twitter Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “The British people should decide who gets to come to this country – not criminal gangs or foreign courts. That’s’ what this Bill delivers.

We will now work to make it law so that we can get flights going to Rwanda and stop the boats.”

However, with many politicians speaking out in opposition to the policy, and polls showing only a quarter of the public support the Bill, its future is uncertain.

Peer Jenny Jones, commented: “The much-despised Rwanda Bill will be in the Commons today where they are likely to remove all of our amendments. We peers get it back on Wednesday and I think / hope we will vote through more amendments (they have to be slightly different) We haven’t given up – it’s a very bad Bill.”

Speaking on the policy previously, Sir Kier Starmer referred to the Rwanda Biil, as a ‘farce’ and “utterly pathetic nonsense.”


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