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Monday, June 27, 2022

Keighley MP says Frankie Smith’s sentence for Star Hobson murder isn’t “long enough”

Star Hobson's mother has had her jail sentence increased for causing or allowing the murder of her toddler.

Star Hobson’s mother, Frankie Smith has had her jail sentence extended to twelve years for causing or allowing the death of her toddler in September 2020.

Ms Smith, 20, was given an eight-year prison term at Bradford Crown Court in December. Her partner, Savannah Brockhill, was sentenced to at least 25 years for causing “utterly catastrophic” injuries to the baby that ultimately led to her death.

Attorney General Suella Braverman said this was “unduly lenient” and her case was referred the sentence to the Court of Appeal.

Star Hobson was 16-months when she died at the hands of her mum’s partner. 

It was then considered by three senior judges who extended the original sentence by four years.

During the hearing, Lady Justice Sharp quashed the original sentence, saying it was unduly lenient because it “did not reflect the overall seriousness of the offending”.

Lady Justice Sharp said Smith had a “deliberate disregard” for her daughter’s welfare and had failed to take any steps to protect the 16-month-old.

MP for Ilkley and Keighley, Robbie Moore (Cons) has welcomed the review but says Ms Smith’s sentence “isn’t long enough”.

MP for Ilkley and Keighley, Robbie Moore, said: “Following my request to the Attorney General Office for Smith’s sentence to be reviewed, I welcome that the Court of Appeal has found the original sentence to be “unduly lenient”, and as such have increased the sentence to 12 years – but it is my view this still isn’t long enough.

Robbie Moore says Ms Smith’s sentence “isn’t long enough”.

“As the Court heard, Smith was responsible for a deliberate disregard for Star Hobson leading up to her death, including making misleading statements to social services.

“I respect the Court of Appeal must act within the existing sentencing guidelines, but my opinion remains that 12 years is simply not a long enough sentence for the horrific crime of allowing the death of a child.

“That’s why I very much welcome that soon, ‘Tony’s Law’ will come into effect through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. This will extend the maximum sentence for allowing the death of a vulnerable child from 14 years to life imprisonment.

“No sentence will ever be able to change what happened to Star Hobson and my thoughts still remain with all those who loved her.”

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