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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kirklees council to invest millions of pounds in schools across Kirklees

The council within Kirklees is set to spend a whopping £4.5m on local schools within Kirklees.

This type of funding will help a variety of schools within Kirklees to create more opportunities and high-quality facilities. The benefit of the funding will also help thousands of schools within the region and families to deliver much more improved education.

It’s a huge relief on the schools as many schools within Kirklees have taken in a lot of students in the past year. Additionally, it’s been quite difficult as the number of students per classroom has been quite unmanageable for certain teachers.

Many of these schools have accommodated extra pupils over the recent years in short-term across the local communities.

The major impacts will happen in schools which are: Manor Croft Academy in Dewsbury, North Huddersfield Trust School, Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury, Westborough High School in Dewsbury, Headlands CE (VC) J I and N School, Reinwood Infant and Nursery and Reinwood Juniors.

The cabinet member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities, Cllr Carole Pattison has expressed, “These plans show our ambition for children and young people and highlight the excellent relationships we have with our schools”.

“It’s important that families can access school places in their local area and know that their children will have the best possible opportunities to thrive”.

Cllr Paul Davies, the cabinet member for Corporate has said, “The proposals aim to support schools in meeting local need but will also create the standard of facilities that our children deserve.

“Schools are at the heart of their communities, delivering essential education, health and well-being activities for children, parents and the wider community”.

The proposal for each school is as followed:

Manor Croft Academy will include six new classrooms, an extended dining room space and a larger car park. The school would permanently expand by 30 pupils per year group.

Thornhill Community Academy have been one of the schools within the region who has taken up more students in the past three years. The £600,000 will be invested into creating more improved dining facilities.

North Huddersfield School Trust is in need of more toilet facilities and would cost £250,000 and Westborough High School requires £100,000 to work on expanding the outdoor dining facilities and help the flow of children across the classroom.

Headlands CE (VC) J I and N, the proposal is to spend at least £650,000 on reshaping one of the major buildings of the school with a new permanent block to allow the school to keep it’s nursery.

Reinwood Infant and Nursery and Reinwood Juniors is planning on receiving £215,000 which is needed to remodel the pupil numbers.

The cabinet plan on having a meeting to discuss this further which are set to take place on December 14.

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