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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Leeds council publishes election candidates list and registration deadline

Voter ID is needed to take part

The deadline to register to vote in the Leeds City Council elections is just a few days away and a full list of candidates has been published.

People need to register by midnight on Tuesday (16 April), including those who have moved home and need to register at their new address.

They can do so at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

People are also being reminded that voter identification is needed to vote in person at a polling station in the election on Thursday, 2 May.

If needed, a photo ID can be obtained by applying for a Voter Authority Certificate and the deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, 24 April.

People can apply here: www.gov.uk/apply-for-photo-id-voter-authority-certificate

Help completing the application is available at libraries and community hubs in the city.

The full list of candidates:

Adel and WharfedaleAnderson, Caroline Helen: Conservative PartyLove, Fiona Sarah Heather: Green PartyOrton, Jane: Labour PartyRobinson, Corey: Yorkshire PartySlinger, Sharon Margaret: Liberal DemocratsAlwoodleyBuckley, Neil Alan: Conservative PartyEllis, Jackie: Labour PartyForeman, Howard Alan: Liberal DemocratsGoldhammer, Rio: Yorkshire PartyJennings, Louise Mary: Green PartyArdsley and Robin HoodBruce, Karen: Labour and Co-operative PartyBuxton, Claire Jane: Yorkshire PartyDaniels, Mark: Social Democratic PartyFoster, Mike: Conservative PartyHall, Alaric Timothy Peter: Green PartyLeadley, Tom: Liberal DemocratsArmleyBanks, Richard Denis: Labour PartyBettney, Warwick Charles: Social Democratic PartyCunningham, Lou: Green PartyMartins, Rachel: Yorkshire PartyWalker, Dan: Liberal DemocratsWestwood, Adam Vincent James: Conservative PartyBeeston and HolbeckAli, Shaf: Labour PartyChandler, Bradley Kenneth: Conservative PartyFulton, Louie: Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionRogan, Matt: Green PartySykes, George: Liberal DemocratsWatson, Sasha: Social Democratic PartyBramley and StanningleyBee, Elizabeth Anne: Liberal DemocratsCook, Adam Daniel: Conservative PartyRae, Adele: Labour PartyRiley, Richard David: Social Democratic PartyWhittaker, Keith Duncan: Green PartyBurmantofts and Richmond HillAdeyemi, Taiwo Funmilayo: Conservative PartyChaves-Sanderson, Richard: Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHollingsworth, David Ewan: Liberal DemocratsKhan, Asghar: Labour and Co-operative PartyLees, Rob: Yorkshire PartyWhetstone, Paul Anthony: Social Democratic PartyWolff, Robert Florian: Green PartyCalverley and PudseyCarter, Amanda Lesley: Conservative PartyGraham, Ellen: Green PartyMcLeod, Stuart: Liberal DemocratsTimmins, Craig Lee: Labour and Co-operative PartyChapel AllertonBlack, Kevin Irving: Conservative PartyCowles, Richard Thomas: Social Democratic PartyDavies, Mike: Alliance for Green SocialismKett, Ryan David: Yorkshire PartyQahwaji, Majd: Liberal DemocratsRafique, Mohammed: Labour PartyWalker, Bobak: Green PartyCross Gates and WhinmoorAllerton, Noah: Liberal DemocratsDews, Howard Graham: Yorkshire PartyGibson, James: Labour PartyHemingway, Martin Francis: Green PartyHolley, Max George: Conservative PartySunley, Graham Keith: Reform UKFarnley and WortleyAndrews, Peter Richard: Liberal DemocratsBlackburn, David: Green PartyGeorge, Daisy May: Conservative PartyHaigh, Kate: Labour and Co-operative PartyTaylor, Finley Michael: Social Democratic PartyGarforth and SwillingtonBentley, Peter James: Conservative PartyField, Sarah Jane: Garforth and Swillington Independents PartyKnox, Jake: Liberal DemocratsLynott, Patrick: Green PartyRayment, Alex: Labour PartyWhite, Kieran: Reform UKWilson-Kerr, Tyler Callum: IndependentGipton and HarehillsAli, Mothin: Green PartyDalton, Iain Alaistair: Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionHussain, Arif: Labour PartyRace, Thomas Benedict: Liberal DemocratsRoberts, Liam Scott: Conservative PartyGuiseley and RawdonAlderson, Paul James: Conservative PartyBuxton, Bob: Yorkshire PartyLeighton, Sonia: Labour and Co-operative PartyPage, Helen Louise: Liberal DemocratsWheeler, Lucy Katherine: Green PartyHarewoodDowling, Simon Mark: Labour PartyEvans, Claire Anne: Green PartyFirth, Sam: Conservative PartyLevy, Jonathan Jared: Liberal DemocratsHeadingley and Hyde ParkGarthwaite, Al: Labour PartyGoodall, Tim: Green PartyGreaux, Anthony Joseph: IndependentHynam, Florian: Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionKarim, Amar Ali: Liberal DemocratsRowley, Steven Malcolm: Conservative PartyHorsforthCalvert, Chris: Local ConservativesCowling, Ian: Yorkshire PartyGarvani, John: Labour PartyJones, Gideon Matthew William: Green PartyParker, Roderic: Liberal DemocratsWright, Nathan Christopher: Social Democratic PartyHunslet and RiversideDale, Benjamin Thomas Hanley: Liberal DemocratsDuncan, Oisín: Trade Unionist and Socialist CoalitionIqbal, Mohammed: Labour and Co-operative PartyKovacs, Tamas: Conservative PartyMushtaq, Omar: Green PartyWhetstone, Daniel Paul: Social Democratic PartyKillingbeck and SeacroftArnison, John Leigh: Green PartyDobson, Catherine Frances: Social Democratic PartyDresser, Jayne Louise: Reform UKGaskell, Rosemary: Conservative PartyJenkins, David John: Labour PartyOtley, John: Liberal DemocratsKippax and MethleyHolden, Greg: Liberal DemocratsLewis, James: Labour PartyMulhall, Connor Joseph Paul: Conservative PartyOldershaw, Angela Pugh: Green PartyKirkstallAinscow, Lyall Ashley: Conservative PartyBelcher, Adam James: Liberal DemocratsLong, StuartSmith, Victoria: Green PartyTival, John: Trade Unionist And Socialist CoalitionVenner, Fiona Elizabeth: Labour PartyLittle London and WoodhouseAkhtar, Javaid: Labour PartyBarron, Pauline: Conservative PartyBracuti, Anthony: Trade Unionist And Socialist CoalitionKarim, Ghaffar: Liberal DemocratsZadok, Leon: Green PartyMiddleton ParkAdeyemi, Samson Roberts: Conservative PartyBurke, Sharon: Labour PartyChesterfield, Rob: Social Democratic PartyFollows, Michael Scott: Liberal DemocratsGill, Julie: Green PartyMoortownFarmer, Lee Anthony: Conservative PartyFinlay, Darren: Liberal DemocratsHamilton, Sharon: Labour And Co-Operative PartyHartshorne, Rachel: Green PartyLynan, Cordelia Frances: Social Democratic PartyStephens, David William: Yorkshire PartyMorley NorthBrown, Simon: Morley Borough IndependentsBruce, Stuart: Labour And Co-Operative PartyFoster, Thomas Peter: Social Democratic PartyGettings-Bellhouse, Jill: IndependentJeffries, Lesley Evelyn: Green PartySuryawanshi, Lalit: Conservative PartyTrueman, James: Liberal DemocratsMorley SouthBarticel, Mihai Marcelin: Liberal DemocratsBell, Chris: Green PartyBennett, Phil: IndependentGiles, Alexander Ricardo: Conservative PartyHill, Charlotte: Labour And Co-Operative PartyKendall, James: Reform UKPerry, Nigel: Social Democratic PartySenior, Jane Simone: Morley Borough IndependentsOtley and YeadonBradley, Mick: Green PartyLay, Sandy Edward Charles: Liberal DemocratsLibbish, Noah: Yorkshire PartyMcCargo, Ian Joseph: Labour And Co-Operative PartySingh, Jas: Conservative PartyPudseyAhmed, Riaz: Labour PartyGlover, Christine Amy: Liberal DemocratsSeary, Dawn Michelle: Conservative PartyWard, Suzanne Elizabeth: Green PartyWhitehead, Andrea: Reform UKRothwellDowd, Timothy Patrick: Labour And Co-Operative PartyHart-Brooke, Conrad: Liberal DemocratsMcDonald, Sean Francis: Yorkshire PartySikoryn, Allen, Green PartySingh, Louisa Mary: Conservative PartyWelbourne, Sarah Jane: Social Democratic PartyRoundhayAhad, Shazar: Conservative PartyAnthoney, David Alan: Green PartyIqbal, Najeeb: Liberal DemocratsMartin, Lisa: Labour PartyRichman, Carl Clements: Social Democratic PartyTemple Newsamdos Santos, Nicola Jane: Green PartyDresser, David Stephen: Reform UKHayden, Helen Elizabeth Mary: Labour And Co-Operative PartyNorman, Keith Cecil: Liberal DemocratsTrigg, Cormac John: Conservative PartyWhetstone, Wendy Vivienne: Social Democratic PartyWeetwoodFlint, Emma: Labour And Co-Operative PartyForen, Chris: Green PartyHowley, Chris: Liberal DemocratsPerricone, Luca: Conservative PartyWalker, Rob: Social Democratic PartyWetherbyBowgett, David John: Labour PartyHowell, Ian Robert: Social Democratic PartyJacobs, Anna Carol: Green PartyLamb, Alan James: Conservative PartyMcIntee, Lesley Ann: Liberal Democrats

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