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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Leeds: Reaction and results – authority remains under the control of Labour

Votes have been counted in the election to decide the political make-up of Leeds City Council.

The authority remains under the control of Labour, with the party’s share of seats unchanged at 61.

The Conservatives lost three councillors and now have 15 seats on the council.

The Liberal Democrats were unchanged on six seats following the election count today.

The Green Party now has five seats in Leeds following the vote, in which 33 wards were contested.

The Morley Borough Independents have four seats and the Garforth and Swillington Independents were also unchanged with three seats.

The Social Democratic Party gained a seat to reach three and there are still two independent city councillors.

Council leader James Lewis held his Kippax and Methley seat with 3,570 votes for Labour.

Speaking earlier today, he said the results were a condemnation of the ruling Conservative government.

He said: “I think in many parts of Leeds today there’s  been a real endorsement of our work as a Labour administration as a council.

“That’s down to the things we are doing to take the city forward. And it’s a real condemnation of 14 years of Tory austerity that they are struggling in many seats.

“I think today shows that the next general election is going to be bad news for the Conservatives, and we need to get on with that general election.

“And that will give people some hope there’s going to be some change coming in this country.

“It’s clear what people want. They want rid of the Conservatives.”

The Green Party now has five council seats after winning in Armley, Headingley and Hyde Park and Gipton and Harehills.

An emotional Lou Cunningham, who took Armley with 2,113 votes, said: “All I want to say is it’s a big win for Armley, and to thank everybody.”

Liberal Democrat Condrad Hart-Brooke, who held his Rothwell seat with 3,540 votes, said: “It’s wonderful. In Rothwell we put community right at the heart of everything we do.”

Leeds Conservative leader Alan Lamb was re-elected in Wetherby with 3,727 votes. He said: “It’s not been a great day nationally for the party. I’m very sad that in Leeds we’ve lost some fantastic colleagues through no fault of their own.

But he added: “There were some good results for us, it was perhaps not quite as bad as many predicted and feared.”

Leeds City Council said the election turnout was 34.24 per cent.

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