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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Marking Ramadan at a time of war: How British Muslims are observing the Islamic holy month as the conflict in Gaza continues

Israel’s retaliation in Gaza following the Hamas attack in October has caused shock, anger and grief among Muslims in the UK.

As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan gets under way, with its focus on compassion, charity and prayer, how are Muslims managing to handle these spiritual practices, given the strong emotions triggered by the Israel-Gaza war?

“I’m approaching Ramadan this year with some dread. I have a very heavy heart over what’s happening in Gaza. I’m also entering it with some hope. I hope that within that month, the time that we get with God, with Allah, may give us some openings, may bring some guidance at least.” Anita Nayyar

In the Ramadan edition of the Things Unseen podcast, broadcaster Amir Suleman meets Muslims of different ages and backgrounds to ask about their spiritual preparation: how can they arrive at a sense of compassion, even for people they might regard as enemies? Joining the conversation are social psychologist Anita Nayyar, community worker Faisal Mahmood and university student Abdul-Roqueeb Salman.

Gaza will be very much on their minds as they break the fast each evening, and many Muslims’ charitable giving this year will be for the Palestinians.

To listen to the podcast visit Things Unseen Podcast
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