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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mastermind who seemingly cooked human testicles plated for consumption jailed along with criminal network

Criminal network jailed for heinous act of extreme body modifications

In a groundbreaking operation, Metropolitan Police detectives have successfully brought to justice a criminal network specialising in extreme body modifications and illegal surgeries. Today, the Old Bailey witnessed the culmination of a unique investigation as seven men were sentenced to a total of 79 years behind bars, marking a significant victory in the fight against such heinous crimes.

The investigation was sparked when Devon and Cornwall Police identified a victim in November 2020, tracing the atrocities back to North London. Led by the Specialist Crime Command of the Met, meticulous detective work uncovered the horrifying truth behind the underground world of extreme body modification.

Mastermind Marius Theodore Gustavson Image: Met Police

At the center of this network was Marius Theodore Gustavson, identified as the primary offender. Gustavson, along with six accomplices, faced charges including conspiring to commit grievous bodily harm, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, and various other offenses related to child exploitation and possession of extreme pornography.

Detective Inspector Amanda Greig commended the tireless efforts of the investigation team, who sifted through vast amounts of disturbing material to ensure that justice was served. Their dedication underscores the Met’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding the community from such reprehensible acts.

Judge Mark Lucraft KC said Gustavson had been the mastermind of the “gruesome and grisly”, “large-scale” and “extremely dangerous” enterprise.

“On one occasion Gustavson cooked what appeared to be human testicles which were then plated to be eaten, and kept other body parts as ‘trophies’,” he said.

Judge Lucraft told the court he was “entirely satisfied” that the motivation “was a mix of sexual gratification as well as financial reward”.

Some of what happened was “little short of human butchery”, he said.

The victims, whose bravery throughout the investigation was acknowledged by DI Greig, suffered immensely from the physical and psychological trauma inflicted upon them. Specialist support services, including those provided by GALOP, have been instrumental in helping survivors navigate the aftermath of these horrific experiences.

The scope of the investigation extended beyond the borders of London, with collaboration from various police forces, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies. It was revealed that Gustavson operated a website, ‘Eunuchmaker.com’, where he advertised his grotesque services to a global audience.

Medical experts emphasised the grave dangers posed by these illicit procedures, stressing the importance of proper surgical protocols and informed consent. The injuries inflicted on victims, some of which were life-threatening, underscored the reckless disregard for human safety exhibited by the perpetrators.

As Gustavson’s web of deceit unraveled, it became evident that he was not acting alone. Through meticulous digital forensic analysis, the remaining offenders were identified and apprehended, bringing an end to their reign of terror.

The Met urges anyone with further information to come forward, emphasising the importance of seeking medical assistance and support for those who may have been victimised by similar crimes. Together, with the vigilance of the community and the relentless pursuit of justice, we can ensure that such abhorrent acts are eradicated from society.

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