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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Miracle Man Ismail: From being on life support to running marathons across the UK!

An inspiring man who was told he would never walk or talk again defied the odds and runs marathons across the UK despite multiple surgeries.

Ismail Patel was only 23 years old when he suffered from a brain hemorrhage that turned his entire life upside down. After recovering from the partial stroke, Ismail was informed his stroke could possibly return a year later. Things became worse after a year later; Ismail had another stroke and remained in a coma for 2 weeks until the doctors decided his condition was only getting worse.

After surgeons believed there was no other option, Ismail’s life-support machine was on a brink of being turned off until his sister intervened and fought his case to stay alive.

On the day of taking the machines off, Ismail miraculously woke up but was told despite waking up he would never walk or talk again. He expressed the doctors did their usual check-ups on him and broke the news to him that his entire left-side of his body would never move again.

Despite what the doctors had to say, Ismail believed his life was in his God’s hand and he had full faith he would recover. When the doctors broke the news to him, he laughed it off knowing he would prove the doctors wrong.

Ismail showed progress but was told his physiotherapy would need to be completed for at least five years until he could move or talk again.

Silent but determined, Ismail once again proved all the odds wrong after only six months he was back into his normal life apart from the ability to use his left side. Ismail explained, “Honestly, the doctors couldn’t believe their eyes thinking how the heck can this guy do it. It’s merely impossible is what they said, and I just knew my will power was greater than anything”.

Within only 8 months Ismail was not only back into feeling his normal self but expressed he was back into work. He explained a job was offered to him from the council as he was applying for jobs despite his condition but decided to work as his previous job.

Ismail works as a manager at Al-Murad tiles in Morley. The business has branches across the UK and Ismail’s job it to handle the stock which comes in-and-out of the warehouse. He added how he not only got his old job back but took a managing position after his employer couldn’t believe his transformation.

One of the biggest things for Ismail was taking up sports when we returned to his normal self. He explains, “The thing with me is, I can’t stand still. I’m always on the go and I need to be out. I know I sound crazy but it’s just how I am.

“I remember I was at Dewsbury Sports Centre and people looked at me and my walking stick. I train like mad in the gym and people admire that”.

Ismail got into running after a very unusual conversation at the gym’s spa. Ismail stressed how he almost had an argument with his now good friend Keith who saw Ismail in the spa and said “You’re fit as hell, why don’t you do the Dewsbury 10K?”. At first Ismail looked at him and said “I thought he was mad. I even said to him, are you actually taking the mick”.

After Keith explained how he saw him train in the gym he believed Ismail had what it took to complete the local 10K in Dewsbury.

Ismail completing one of his marathons

The next day, Ismail started training and went for long distant runs on the roads. People admired Ismail and as a famous local lad a lot of people would horn at him whenever he ran past.

Ismail stressed he was focused on the race and wanted to prove a point that his disability would never hold him back.

Things didn’t go to plan on the race as Ismail suffered from a bladder misplacement which hospitalised him. He was keen to say he finished the race AND went to work the following day until he realised something wasn’t right!

The race itself he completed in 1 hour and 42 minutes which was ground-breaking as he was expected to finish the race in 3 hours.

He added that the pain was unbearable and visited the A&E hospital who said stressed he needed an operation to put his bladder back to place. Ismail wasn’t keen on the news and told the nurse, “No way, I want to do more races, I can’t be bedbound again”.

More medals than fingers! Ismail’s medals from his races.

In the year of 2018, Ismail completed 4 races. Crazy right? Well, as it had come to his 10 year anniversary in 2019, Ismail decided to complete 10 races! Not only has Ismail completed a variety of races but has received numerous medals to show his achievements. From Dewsbury 10K to Blackburn 10K. Ismail has an amazing collection of medals and has now completed 21K marathons to this date.

Despite facing a broken collarbone in his second race after falling over, Ismail finished the race and got the treatment to complete the other eight races he had left.

In 2020, Ismail was on the mission to complete more races but after the lockdown postponing all the races and his mother sadly facing cancer, Ismail decided to take a break. He explained his time off by stating, “It was a rough year for me. Not only was I at home and not able to do what I love, but my beloved mother had cancer and things just really hit me.

“After her surgery I wanted to look after her and I wanted to be there for her like she was for me for me”.

Ismail’s Mother thankfully recovered from her cancer after treatment was completed on her and she was eager to see her son start training again as Ismail expressed, she said, “Ismail, you need to get back into training and do what you love”.

Fueled by the words of his mother, Ismail was back into training and has now completed 10K’s across the UK. Not only has Ismail completed races across the UK but he dreams to one day do the London Marathon and even go abroad to countries within Europe and complete even more!

When asked about his motivation for such a challenging sport, Ismail said, “I love showing people you can do anything. Bear in mind, I was that same guy who was told he would never be able to talk again, never mind run. I love this sport and I wouldn’t change my condition for the world”.

As a devotee Muslim Ismail explained, “I believe my Lord had plans greater than mine and I’m just so fortunate to be where I am. I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of my achievement but the biggest one of mine is definitely memorising the Quran by heart”.

When finally asked about who his role models are he said, “It has to first be my mother and my sister. They looked after me when I was young, and I have to also admit its Keith who motivated me to get into running”.

The next time you face a challenge, take Ismail’s drive and determination as a lesson that no adversity can ever hold you back.

On that note, keep your eyes peeled Mo Farah, because you never know, Ismail might be standing next to you in the next Olympic games!

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