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Monday, June 27, 2022

More election hopefuls outline their pledges as polling day looms

The 2022 local elections take place next week, 5 May.

In Kirklees, the major parties are fighting for a handful of wards that could see further seats taken from the minority Labour administration.

Labour is defending seats in Ashbrow and Dalton wards where councillors Harpreet Uppal and Peter McBride are standing down.

Kirklees local election count, Cathedral House, Huddersfield.

The party hopes that their places on the council will be filled by Fran Perry, in Ashbrow, and Tyler Hawkins in Dalton.

Dalton came close to being lost last year with 153 votes separating the Labour and Conservative candidates despite a limited Tory election campaign in the ward.

This year Labour have been extremely active on the doorstep.

Greenhead ward in Huddersfield is a Labour stronghold where the party has enjoyed high numbers in recent years. In Newsome, the Greens are popular and have held the ward for a decade.

This year they face their traditional rivals as well as the Yorkshire Party’s Bikatshi Katenga.

The Local Democracy Reporting Service invited candidates to outline their pledges and aspirations should they be successful.


Dominic Black (Lib Dems)

Action needs to be taken on the junctions along Wakefield Road; they are congested and dangerous. The current lack of a long-term plan for the Tolson Museum is not acceptable. There is no guarantee that the Tolson will be kept open for the community in the future.

Jason Easingwood (Conservative)

Having lived here for over 25 years, I’m passionate about the area and our community spirit. I’ll be the voice of reason with a commonsense approach, and through listening to the community I’ll be able to lead changes needed locally after 10 years of Dalton ward being run by Labour.

Tyler Hawkins (Labour)

Declined an invitation to participate.

Clare Walters (Green)

So much of our local land is under threat and needs protection from development. In Kirkheaton the destruction of Cockley Beck is a prime example. Greens will always do all we can to protect our valued local green spaces and woodland from development.


Peter Harrison (Lib Dems)

Roads everywhere appear to be in a terrible state and the council are often slow to respond. The Liberal Democrat proposal that all roadworks should be checked to make sure they have been done properly will help, as well as additional investment to improve roads and pavements.

Eileen Marchant (Conservative)

If elected I promise I will be a very visible councillor who will make sure I understand your concerns and will represent your views in every way I can. Unnecessary cycle lanes, restricted parking both near your homes and in the town centre are some priorities for the Conservative team.

Heather Peacock (Green)

Labour’s plans to cut down over a hundred trees in Edgerton to widen the main road into Huddersfield is ecological vandalism and must be stopped. I pledge if elected to get the scheme withdrawn so that this beautiful avenue of mature trees into Huddersfield is preserved.

Mohan Sokhal (Labour)

Declined an invitation to participate.


Karen Allison (Green)

If re-elected I will continue working with the Green Party team taking up hundreds of local issues and concerns each year. We will protect our green spaces from development, work to make our roads safer and try to establish a new community centre at St. John’s Church.

Bikatshi Katenga (Yorkshire Party)

As a mother of four, I’ve seen how cuts in local services are affecting people’s lives. Families need better local amenities and play equipment for children. I support greener homes on rejuvenated derelict sites, with supporting infrastructure. Potholes require proper resurfacing and West Yorkshire needs a rapid mass transit system.

John Roberts (Conservative)

If elected I’ll seek to represent all the residents of Newsome and will push for an early spring cleaning of the town centre and push for a review of Labour’s proposals for the town centre and make sure that what is developed in the town centre is affordable and deliverable.

Imran Safdar (Labour)

Hold regular street and community centre surgeries. Work with community and charity groups including foodbanks. Be visible and accessible (not just at election time). Ensure the council meets its climate commitments. Campaign for more investment for our villages and town centre. Campaign for more help for disabled families and carers.

Andrew Wilkinson (Lib Dems)

As households cope with the rise in the cost of living our plans to cut VAT will help everyone out. Increasing the Warm Home Discount and expanding the scheme to everyone on pension credit will further help. A fast programme of emergency insulation will help keep fuel costs down and reduce carbon emissions.

Kirklees Council is currently in no overall control with Labour (33 seats), Conservatives (19 seats), Liberal Democrats (nine seats), Greens (three seats), Holme Valley North Independents (three seats) and other Independents (two seats).

Of the seats up for election this year, Labour hold 11, Conservatives six, Lib Dems four, Holme Valley North Independents one and Greens one.

The election count will take place at Cathedral House in Huddersfield from 8.45am on Friday, 6 May.

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