A new fitness project has launched to motivate South Asian females across England. It is not just an ordinary fitness class online, it is a workout to Punjabi music called Pungra fit, where you can simply exercise at home.

Pungra already has workout videos which are available on YouTube. They became increasingly popular and that is how Pungra Fit was formed.

Ravi Sandhu, bhangra Lead Coach said, “You can do the workouts from your home and you can access the workouts on Youtube and other platforms.”

Sandhu has been doing bhangra fitness classes and working with communities since 2013. He explained that Pungra Fit is a pilot project which is supported and funded by Sport England and aims for activators to become recognised through the project.

From September 2020 to the end of the year they are inviting people who are familiar to using Microsoft Teams to become activators.

Activators are volunteers who will form a community to support and encourage friends, family members and other south Asian females to exercise at home by coordinating sessions for everyone to enjoy to.

They will use existing high-quality videos on YouTube and use accessible platforms such as WhatsApp, to encourage a group of people to take part in the on-demand class at the same time together.

South Asians are the most inactive demographic in the UK for many reasons, one of them being due to Coronavirus.

Sandhu said many are being supported by colleagues, friends and family. But there needs to be an initiative to boost exercising at home, it will be needed more during the winter months.

Sandhu said, “36% females are in active and each year they are underrepresented.”

“This project mainly appeals to females and we want 25 activators. We want to normalise exercise and to change the statistics.”

Sandhu said the work is a community focus and wants to help those who need a nudge and support people to overcome barriers.

Pungra fit is hoping that the project will become successful and hopes it will continue through 2021.

For information you can contact Pungra@Home Activator or visit  https://pungra.fit/