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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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South Asian

“We want to bring diversity and culture into Football from a South Asian and Bengali background”

You might be wondering what ‘Amar’ means? Amar means ‘My’ in Bengali; and it’s the focal point in the campaign to allow South Asian...

“South Asian girls can be whatever they want to be”

Huddersfield's Salma Zaman has published many books such as, 'Help! I can't dance without my Bhangra Pants', 'Sally and her super snot and Bollywood...

South Asians urged to get their flu vaccine

South Asian healthcare professionals are coming forward to encourage more people in the community to take up the flu vaccination given their higher prevalence...

New fitness class aimed at South Asians to boost exercising at home

A new fitness project has launched to motivate South Asian females across England. It is not just an ordinary fitness class online, it is...

Brand New Yorkshire Awards Scheme Set to Recognise Young People of South Asian Heritage

A BRAND new awards scheme has launched to recognise young people aged 16-30 who have overcome deprivation and disadvantage to make their way in...

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