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Monday, April 22, 2024

Newcastle City Council implements Red Route restrictions to curb illegal parking near airport, addressing safety concerns and resident disturbance

Crackdown on 'illegal and dangerous' parking around Newcastle International Airport

New restrictions to stop “illegal, inconsiderate, and dangerous” parking near Newcastle International Airport are set to be imposed.

City council bosses are planning to put measures in to prevent drivers parking up in nearby residential areas while they wait to pick up people from the airport, rather than waiting in one of the airport’s various car parks where they would have to pay to park.

The move will see red routes, where vehicles are not permitted to stop, installed on the B6918 Ponteland Road and Callerton Lane.

Civic centre officials said that the area is already covered by double yellow lines, but motorists are “disregarding these restrictions” and disturbing locals by keeping their engines running while parked outside homes during late night or early morning hours.

A Newcastle City Council report states: “The aim of this restriction is to reduce the risk of incidents caused by illegal, inconsiderate, and dangerous parking along this busy route. The red route system will also ensure that vehicles can move seamlessly, reducing congestion and the risk of traffic disruptions.”

The only free parking available at the airport itself is in the Short Stay 2 car park, where drivers can park without charge for up to 15 minutes only.

The Express Pick Up and Drop Off car park located immediately outside the terminal costs £4 to use for up to 10 minutes and £7 for half an hour.

A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council said: “Proposals for traffic restrictions on some roads around the airport site are being put forward. The proposals are to install double red line restrictions to prevent vehicles from stopping on roads just outside the airport site, including in residential areas and on roads close to the runway.

“This follows a number of safety concerns as well as issues raised by residents regarding disturbance caused by vehicles stopping outside their homes to drop off or pick people up, often during the night and early hours and often with engines idling.

“A 21-day consultation to allow people to comment on the proposal is due to get under way soon.”

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