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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Number of theft from cars down in Bradford

The number of theft from cars in Bradford has significantly decreased from 2017.

The number of theft from cars in Bradford has decreased significantly since 2017.

An operation was launched by West Yorkshire Police in Bradford to encourage car owners to look after their belongings has seen a reduction in the number of incidents in the last year.

Operation Sawnhaven, which launched in 2020, aims to reduce the number of reported/committed theft from motor vehicle offences within Bradford city centre.

In 2017, 394 people we victims of theft from their cars, and in 2021, the number of victims of this offence was 85.

Inspector Richard Baildon, of Bradford City NPT, is reminding motorists to keep their possessions safe, to prevent people from falling victim to this type of crime.

He said: “The aim of the operation is to work with motorists and encourage them to keep their valuables out of sight, as passing thieves are opportunists; they’ll take anything that has value and they don’t care about the devastation they leave behind.

“As part of this operation, if we spot a car that has valuables on displayed, we’ll send the owner a letter reminding them to keep their belongings safe and remove them where possible.

“We have also been leaving leaflets on people’s cars, reminding them of the potential consequences of leaving their possessions on display. With the nights still drawing in quite early, it takes seconds for an opportunist to spot something valuable and take it, leaving the vehicle owner with the job of replacing what has been taken and potentially paying for repairs to their car.

“In October we carried out two weeks of action and we feel this, alongside our ongoing work throughout the year, has really helped remind motorists to keep their belongings out of site

“The drop in the number of reports in the last year is fantastic, it shows that our message is being seen and heard and vehicle owners are taking the time to protect what is rightfully theirs. We know that work still needs to be done across the city to drive these numbers down further, and we will continue to actively remind motorists to keep their belongings out of sight.”

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