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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pioneering leadership recognised a Kamila Maqsood becomes first Muslim woman in Leeds to be given Honorary Alderwoman title

The title of Honorary Alderwoman is a testament to Kamila Maqsood’s enduring commitment to the betterment of Leeds.

In a historic ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall, Kamila Maqsood was bestowed with the title of Honorary Alderwoman, marking a momentous recognition of her exceptional contributions to both the council and the city. Not only did this honour acknowledge her dedication to public service, but it also marked her as the first Muslim woman to receive such distinction, underlining her trailblazing journey in Leeds politics.

Kamila Maqsood’s remarkable journey in public service began with her landmark victory in 2010, where she secured the position of the first Asian female councillor for Gipton and Harehills, achieving a resounding victory with a 3000 majority. This victory was especially significant as it followed three previous attempts, showcasing her resilience and commitment to representing her community.

Breaking barriers, Kamila Maqsood made history as the first Asian female of Pakistani heritage to assume the role of a councillor in Leeds. Her achievement resonated not only within her community but also across the city, highlighting the importance of diversity and representation in local governance.

The title of Honorary Alderwoman is a testament to Kamila Maqsood’s enduring commitment to the betterment of Leeds. This prestigious recognition is granted at a special Council meeting, reserved for individuals whose contributions are deemed exceptional. It is a reflection of the lasting impact Kamila Maqsood has made on both the city and the Council during her tenure.

It is worth noting that the title of Honorary Alderwoman does not confer additional privileges or rights beyond those already granted to the public. However, it serves as a symbol of gratitude and acknowledgement for the significant role played by the recipient. Kamila Maqsood’s journey from three previous electoral setbacks to becoming an Honorary Alderwoman is an inspiring narrative of determination, resilience, and dedication to public service.

The ceremony held at Leeds Civic Hall not only celebrated Kamila Maqsood’s individual accomplishments but also highlighted the broader importance of diversity in political representation. As the first Muslim woman to receive this honour, Kamila Maqsood has opened doors for others to follow, breaking down barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive political landscape in Leeds.

Beyond the formalities, the role of an Honorary Alderwoman grants Kamila Maqsood the privilege of being invited to civic functions and events by the Council. This offers her continued opportunities to contribute to the community and engage with fellow leaders, fostering collaboration and dialogue.

Alderwoman and Men Leeds

Alongside Kamila, a further eight former councillors, who have 170 years of public service between them and include a former Lord Mayor and a Deputy Lord Mayor, were also made honorary Aldermen/Alderwomen at the ceremony in Leeds Civic Hall. They were Judith Mara Champman, Dawn Julia Collins, Patrick Davey, Peter Mervyn Harrand, John Illingworth, PaulAnthony Truswell and Paul John Spencer Wadsworth

In conclusion, Kamila Maqsood’s journey from a determined candidate to an Honorary Alderwoman is a story of perseverance, community leadership, and the positive impact of diverse representation in local politics. As she continues to inspire others, her recognition as the first Muslim woman to receive this title is a proud moment for Leeds and a step forward in creating a more inclusive and representative political landscape.

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