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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Plans approved to reduce impact of flooding across West Yorkshire

As National Flood Week approaches, the innovative plan to reduce the impact flooding causes and climate change in West Yorkshire has been approved for the next six years.

The five local Lead Flood Authorities across the region of West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme has achieved the bid of £160k funding from the Yorkshire Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to get it going off the ground.

Being able to learn from the programme will not only help the West Yorkshire region but across the nation and even internationally.

Kirklees council cabinet member for environment, Councillor Naheed Mather expressed, “It’s great to see West Yorkshire have been awarded funding to kick start this programme, which will aim to find innovative solutions to protect our communities from flooding, not just in winter but all year round. We’re looking forward to working with our neighbours and seeing what the potential outcomes from this joint programme of work.”

The five lead partners who are involved in the West Yorkshire Flood Innovation Programme are:

  • Leeds City Council
  • Wakefield Council
  • Calderdale Council
  • Kirklees Council
  • Bradford Council

The five local leads within West Yorkshire originally submitted a bid for funding from the government of £200m part of the Resilience Innovation Programme but this was dismissed. Since the dismissal, the partners all continued to find alternative sources to find for their proposal. There five different themes within the programme itself which will work together and each is run by the local authority to balance out the workload.

The integrated water management solutions including the flooding caused by the service will be taken under control by Leeds City Council. The nature based solutions of natural food management will be under the authority of Wakefield council. The property flood resilience with measured installed in homes or business premises to make them less vulnerable to flooding will be Calderdale councils responsibility. Helping the community and voluntary sector to be better prepared and recover more quickly will be focused on by Kirklees council. The final responsibility of better systems to give a early warning of flooding will be focused on by Bradford council.

The national Flood Action Campaign ‘Prepare. Act. Survive’. Which is led by the Environment Agency has kicked off this week until Sunday 28 November.

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