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Monday, April 22, 2024

Police say ‘increase in street begging’ is making ‘the public feel intimidated’

Police working to tackle "increase in street begging" in town

Police say they are working to tackle an “increase in street begging” and a rise in shoplifting in Shipley.

Members of Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee will receive an annual report from the Constituency’s neighbourhood policing team at a meeting next week.

The report shines a light on specific issues facing each ward, from drug dealing and anti social behaviour in Myrtle Park, Bingley to speeding in Wharfedale.

The report says in the town of Shipley there has been an increase in beggars that “make the public feel intimidated”.

The report says: “We are aware of the increase in street begging in Shipley town centre. We are working collaboratively to tackle the issues, aware how this makes public fell intimated and affects foot fall for local businesses.

“We are also acutely aware of helping those in need, supporting them as the priority.

“However, where that support is declined or not required, prosecutions are sought and we have obtained Criminal behaviour Orders for those causing significant issues.”

The report also says the town is “following the nationwide trend” of seeing a rise in shoplifting offences.

Across the constituency there was a rise in such offences – 335 were recorded in 2023 compared to 249 in 2022.

The meeting takes place in Shipley Town Hall at 6pm next Wednesday.

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