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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Runway Resilience: Cancer patients and survivors to shine at The Fashion Brunch 2024

In a highly anticipated return coinciding with International Women’s Day on 8 March, The Fashion Brunch, spearheaded by Creative Director Anisha Vasani, once again defies convention by spotlighting women with diverse challenges. Departing from traditional fashion shows and beauty pageants, this event celebrates women of different backgrounds and faiths, empowering them to embrace their uniqueness.

Under the theme of ‘inspire inclusion’ for IWD 2024, the spotlight shifts to ten incredibly courageous women battling cancer and surviving it, serving as beacons of resilience for others. These remarkable women will grace the runway adorned in stunning designs by Nikaza Asian Couture and Deesh London, while sharing their inspirational stories of triumph over adversity.

Kreena Dhiman and her family. Image: The Fashion Brunch

Among the inspiring narratives is that of Kreena Dhiman, diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer at 33 and later facing life-threatening chemotherapy-induced acute heart failure. Despite societal stigma within the South Asian community surrounding cancer and infertility, Kreena’s journey to motherhood through IVF and Surrogacy stands as a testament to strength and hope.

Kreena told Asian Standard: “We know that black and brown people face inequalities when it comes to cancer care. South Asian Supernovas was established to close the cancer care gap through education awareness and representation. Through the South Asian Supernovas community a space has been created to allow patients to be seen and heard throughout their cancer experience.”

Joining Kreena is Veronica Mehta, a prominent figure in the South Asian music scene, who

Singing sensation Veronica will be joining 10 women at a special International Women’s Day catwalk by The Fashion Brunch

will also share her journey as a breast cancer survivor, finding solace in connecting with fellow survivors and reclaiming her spotlight with resilience.

She said: “I’m really excited to be a part of such a great event. Going through breast cancer was an extremely traumatic and difficult time for me. Being able to connect with nine other cancer survivors and share our stories with one another and together be part of the photoshoot and catwalk with style and strength is incredible.”

Now in its fifth year, The Fashion Brunch continues to break barriers in celebrating women’s empowerment. With Anisha’s visionary ‘Bold & Beautiful – plus size’ concept winning accolades, the event transcends conventional notions of beauty.

Anisha Vasani expresses her pride in championing the narratives of ten courageous cancer warriors, transforming the event into a platform for celebrating the indomitable spirit of women everywhere.

“Through this event we aim to showcase their beauty, grace and unwavering spirit highlighting their inspiring stories of survival and hope. It’s more than just a fashion event; it’s a platform to uplift and celebrate the indomitable spirit of women everywhere. I am immensely proud to witness the growth of The Fashion Brunch knowing that we’ve created a platform where 300 women will gather to celebrate their worth.” Explained Anisha.

Partnering with ‘Recommendasian’, a platform supporting and uplifting women, further underscores the event’s commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.

As the event anticipates the gathering of dynamic women, The Fashion Brunch’s fifth anniversary promises to be a grand celebration of liberty, recognition, and exhilaration, embodying the essence of International Women’s Day. With panel discussions, inspirational stories, and a fashion show, the event offers an immersive experience celebrating women’s achievements across economic, social, cultural, and political spheres.

Hosted by ITV and Channel 5 News presenter Anita Dhami, The Fashion Brunch serves as a beacon of empowerment, fostering honesty, support, and camaraderie among women, aligning perfectly with the theme of the year.

The event will be taking place at the stunning ‘Courtyard by Marriott’, London, which will be attended by successful influential household names, esteemed celebrities and motivational speakers, a wonderful celebration of empowered women.

For more information contact Anisha Vasani

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