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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Serious violence and knife crime down across West Yorkshire with 6000 arrests made since 2019

Around 900 weapons have been taken off the streets from the operation.

Serious violence and knife crime are down across West Yorkshire due to a force-wide operation.

Over 6,000 arrests have now been made by officers working on Operation Jemlock and almost 900 weapons have been seized, reducing the potential for serious harm.

In the last 12 months the work of those on the operation, together with force colleagues working routinely has seen all knife crime down by 8%, overall robbery down 19%, and robbery involving a sharp implement down 15%.

Over 6,000 arrests have been made by officers working on Operation Jemlock. Image by Bill Oxford.

Operation Jemlock was launched in April 2019 after Chief Constable John Robins met with the Home Secretary. West Yorkshire was given additional funding to tackle knife crime and reduce violence in our communities.

Superintendent Damon Solley is the lead officer for Violent Crime Reduction enforcement and Operation Jemlock. He said: “Since Operation Jemlock started we have made some significant progress in making arrests and seizing weapons.

“There has been a real commitment by officers working on the operation to achieve such excellent results. These reductions in crimes of violence are outstanding and the result of the hard work of those officers working on the operation.

“For me, the single most important outcome is the reduction in the numbers of victims.
When you compare the 28 months of Operation Jemlock with the same period prior to that, we have seen over 300 fewer victims of knife crime and over 1,600 fewer victims of robbery.

Chief Superintendent Jackie Marsh.

“Regrettably, we still see violence happening on our streets but I am determined to keep the momentum and work with our Violence Reduction Unit, supporting projects to steer young people away from violence”.

Director of the West Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU), Chief Superintendent Jackie Marsh said: “This latest arrest milestone of the Operation Jemlock Team simply reflects the significant impact that they have made in bringing about fewer victims of knife crime and other related offences across West Yorkshire.

“The partnership work of the Violence Reduction Unit compliments this enforcement action, focusing on prevention and early intervention through a public health led approach. We have dozens of projects and research pieces underway that are all contributing to the safety of our local communities, and we must all continue to work together to sustain these impressive results.”

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