Health services in Keighley town centre could be moved to a new centre developed in the town.
Later this year the NHS will consult with residents on plans for a shakeup of the Health and Wellbeing estate in the town, having claimed that the need for investing in new facilities has been recognised for many years.

There are three possible options for the shake up, re-provision on the existing Keighley Health Centre site on Oakworth Road, with the town’s Holycroft Surgery is co-located on this site, or a “new build” on one of two potential sites in the town centre.

A report to the Bradford Council’s Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee referenced the numerous stalled plans, saying: “The case for change has not diminished; it is in fact stronger due to the growing population need; increasing health inequalities; and the deteriorating nature of the estate; namely Keighley Health Centre, Holycroft Surgery and North Street Surgery which are becoming increasingly expensive to maintain.”

Lynne Scrutton, Associate Director Keeping Well, told members that the two sites being considered could not be announced due to confidentiality reasons.
Members heard that NHS reorganisation and financial constraints had led to previous proposals to boost the town’s health estate being halted.

Councillor Khadim Hussain said: “North Street Surgery has had issues for some time. With the health centre there is a space issue, it is quite cramped as it is. To get more onto that site is a farfetched idea.”

Referring to one of the un-named sites for possible future development, he said: “One site in the town centre has been mentioned for some time. It was four or five years ago since the site was first highlighted. That site seems appropriate, but we have to go through the correct procedure.”

The Committee advised NHS staff in the meeting that any consultation would have to reach all communities in Keighley.