This weeks recipe is our deliciously skewered chicken, marinated in rich spices with cashew nut paste, cheese, yoghurt and some rich saffron.


300 gm. chicken leg (boneless)

10 gm ginger paste

20 gm. garlic paste

Salt to taste

1 tsp lemon juice

80 gm. hung yoghurt

25 gm. cheddar cheese (grated)

10 gm. cashew nut paste

15 ml oil for mixing

20 ml oil for baste

5 garam masala

10 khusbo masala

15 gm. white pepper powder

10 gm. red chilli powder.

Yellow colour

50 ml fresh cream (thick)

Few strings of saffron (soaked in hot water)


Cut the Chicken breast boneless into chunks (Tikka). Clean the chicken, remove all side fat and apply first marination (ginger garlic paste, salt red chilli and lemon). Leave for 30 min.

Make second marination with hung yoghurt, salt, white pepper powder, garam masala, khusbo masala, cashew nut paste, cheese and little yellow colour. Squeeze the chicken and put it in a marinade and finish with cream, saffron and oil and keep aside for 3 hours.

Put it on skewer and cook it in tandoor till done.

Serve hot. With chutney.