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Monday, June 27, 2022

Shocking video shows two young boys verbally abusing an elder at Bradford interchange

A video going around on social media shows two young boys shouting at an elder in a train station in Bradford.

Videos are circling social media showing two young boys verbally abusing an elderly gentleman in Bradford Interchange train station.

The video was taken a few days ago and shows one young lad arguing with the elderly man and another behind a phone camera, swearing at the gentleman.

The boy behind the phone is heard saying: “Uncle, he will kick the f*** out of you.  Uncle he will cut your b*** off. He will bang you”.

In Urdu, the elder said: “you are a son of a beghairat”, to which the young man recording the incident replied, “the only beghairat is you, mate. It is you, because of you.”

Another video shows the two lads apologising to the elder, with one of them sobbing in the corner of the room.

One man in the room said: “Now you are sorry that your dad has turned up. You have brought us to tears.”

The man added: “Cry and get all your tears out of you.”

Both young men have also released an apology via Snapchat.

One of the lads said: “To everyone who has seen the videos going around of me speaking in a rude manner to an elderly person, I would like to apologise to the elderly person first and everyone else I have offended.

“As a Muslim, I know I shouldn’t have done that and I am in the wrong, please accept my apology. As you can see, I’m not in my senses and when I was back in my senses, I realised that I made a mistake. When I got home, I saw the videos and thought I need to make a public apology as everyone was offended by the behaviour.”

The other boy also publicly apologised. He said: “You’ve all seen the video going around where I’m swearing at an old man at Interchange. I wasn’t in my senses at the time. I’m just making this video to apologise to him and his family. It is not nice, and I made a big mistake and I realise that now.”

Another video emerged of three youngsters smashing a window, allegedly in BD3, with the young person recording the video saying: “This is what happens when you bully old men, stupid m***********”.

The three boys caught in the video are wearing tracksuits, with a cloth facemask covering one of the boys faces and another wearing a balaclava.

Video credit: WhatsApp.

Translations by Musharaf Asghar.

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted about whether the incidents have been reported. Check back here for updates.

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