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Monday, June 27, 2022

Sisterhood open mic poetry night returns to City Library on Friday

A women-only poetry open mic night returns to City Library Bradford this Friday.

A poetry night exclusively for women returns to City Library this Friday.

The Sisterhood poetry evening is created by Sharena Lee Satti, a spoken word poet and the co-creator of Spoke Poetry Hub, a non-profit organisation looking to raise the profile of spoken word and provide opportunities for all to experience the world of poetry.

Ms Satti’s first publication with The Verve poetry press was released in 2020 and features poems on cultural identity, life’s battles, self-love, body dysmorphia and many other subjects.

Sharena Lee Satti is a poet originally from Shipley.

Ms Satti performs at schools and in venues across Bradford. In January, she performed Jumping the Middings with lawyer and author Abda Khan, a creative project focusing on people’s childhood memories in the 1970s through poetry and creative writing at Kala Sangam Arts Centre.

Ms Satti said: “Sisterhood returns to City Library this Friday. We launched the monthly open mic night in November which was supported by the Leap Bradford and Bradford Libraries.

“The evening is a space for women to come together and be able to share poetry in an environment that is accessible for everyone. Some women may not want to go into a bar or a place where alcohol is served which is why we’ve chosen to come together in a public library.”

The event can seat up to fifty women, with over seventy women booked to attend the session at one point.

The poet added: “I feel being a woman myself, I was apprehensive when I first started about where I wanted to go. Where I wanted to perform and where I would feel safe. There is something about being around other women that makes me feel safe and I wanted to create that.

Women from across West Yorkshire have attended the previous poetry nights.

“I think most open mics are very accommodating and very inviting, but I feel that some women in the community cannot access these events for whatever reason. I wanted to create an event where women wouldn’t have to worry about the venue. It is being held in a library which brings out a creative atmosphere, it automatically makes you feel safe.”

“The first event was incredible. We got a lot of new performers who had never shared a poem before. We created a new community of women who were connecting and networking together.

“From the second event, we have created a WhatsApp group where we are all connected and share posts about what is upcoming and how we can support each other.”

She added: “In March, we will bring the session forward so that we can incorporate it around International Women’s Day (IWD).  As a group on Friday, we are going to decide how we are going to celebrate IWD next month.”

Ms Satti will also be performing her poem, Breaking the Bias, about her experience as a woman and fighting injustice and for equality at Lord Mayor Cllr Shabir Hussain’s IWD event on 8 March.

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