A South Asian community in Batley and Dewsbury have started a new project which aims to support young girls and women.

Indian Muslim Welfare Society (IMWS) one of the largest charities in North West, who aims to help encourage, engage, and empower local women.

IMWS were first established in 1957 and have been focused on the ongoing development of the quality of the lives of individuals and as a whole community.

The following aims IMWS follow are:

Promotion of a Positive Image of Muslims in British Society today

Encouragement of Social Enterprise

Addressing Social and Racial deprivation

Addressing the needs of its Youth, Elders and Women

With the hygiene pack project, Nadeem Raja, General Manager at IMWS said, “Through Covid there has been a lot of issues with young women in our community, and they don’t use appropriate hygiene methods.”

Shamim Ali IMWS Learning Coordinator & a Lead officer to support IMWS Women Committee, locates a budget and the IMWS women committee members create the personal packs.

The women of the group passionately wanted to go ahead with this project as it is making a huge difference to lives.

Raja said there is a limited quantity and can only distribute 500+ packs and is a first come first serve basis.


Raja said, “We buy products in bulk but there are still shortages in shops, so today we managed to buy using more than one supplier to get the quantities required.”

IMWS group will be distributing the packs in schools and homes across Batley and Dewsbury from next week.

This will massively help women and young girls who are vulnerable and need that extra support, especially during the pandemic.

This is also breaking down the stigma that is attached to period poverty because the welfare of women and young girls is extremely important.

IMWS hygiene packs

IMWS posted online the hygiene packs that are ready to be distributed soon.

They are doing a great service to those in need and IMWS are not stopping at that as they have another project to launch next month.

The project is 100% funded by HM GOVT and monitored by Community Fund to support local communities through unprecedented times

The project has two major strands alleviating hunger from Batley & Dewsbury and supporting women

From November IMWS has served communities locally, nationally, and internationally since 1957, they will be delivering 100 nutritious food parcels a week for 13 weeks to the most deserving in the communities from all backgrounds.