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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

St. Philip’s Academy: Igniting Transformation in Community and Education

Amidst the bustling landscape of education, St. Philip’s Church of England Primary Academy stands as a beacon of transformative impact within its community. With families finding solace and validation in its nurturing embrace, the academy radiates a sense of security and value, enriching lives beyond measure.

This month, the academy, under the auspices of the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, celebrates a resounding triumph in its SIAMS inspection, affirming its unwavering commitment to its Christian ethos and visionary leadership. Emboldened by a steadfast dedication to tailored learning experiences, St. Philip’s ensures that each pupil’s journey is met with responsiveness and empowerment.

Bolstered by the accolades of a commendable OFSTED inspection in June 2023, the academy exemplifies consistency in provision, standards, and outcomes, setting a standard of excellence for all to emulate.

The recent SIAMS inspection report lauds St. Philip’s for its distinctively Christian ethos, fostering a loving community where individuals thrive in unity of purpose. Across diverse faiths and backgrounds, the academy cultivates a culture of dignity, integrity, and respect, fostering courageous advocacy and empowering communal action.

Praising the academy’s Religious Education provision as exemplary, the report highlights engaging teaching strategies and robust assessment processes that propel pupils towards remarkable progress and understanding.

Central to the academy’s ethos is the cherished tradition of Collective Worship, hailed by pupils, staff, and leaders alike for its profound impact on personal and spiritual growth.

Moreover, St. Philip’s stands as a crucible for future readiness, equipping pupils with not just academic prowess, but also the essential skills to navigate an ever-evolving world. Through a rich tapestry of extracurricular activities and a curriculum steeped in global citizenship, the academy fosters holistic development, ensuring every individual emerges as a beacon of light in their own right.

In essence, St. Philip’s Academy transcends the realms of education, embodying a sanctuary where hearts are nurtured, minds are enriched, and futures are ignited with boundless promise.

Headteacher Michelle Hargreaves said staff and students were incredibly proud of the result:

Our team is extremely dedicated, often going above and beyond to support our pupils and families; it is fantastic that our SIAMs inspection reflects that. Also, it was truly heart-warming to hear feedback from the inspector that all stakeholders feel a part of our family which is exactly what we aim for here at St Philips, as we are working together with hope in our hearts.

Often, we can get lost in the daily routines and forget how important our actions can be. This inspection has helped us collectively to realise that what we see as just our joband very ordinary, outsiders looking in see as extraordinary.

We continue to fulfil our mission as a church school; to effectively serve our local community and allow our pupils and staff to flourish.

Chair of Governors, The Revd Canon Denise Poole added:

Enabling all children to flourish and be fulfilled is at the heart of our Christian vision for the school and our community. We are delighted that this is reflected in the report. We are proud of our happy, diverse and vibrant community and are grateful to staff, parents and pupils who all contribute to the evident effectiveness of our church school.

Carol Dewhurst OBE, Chief Executive of BDAT, added:
Fabulous to see St Philip’s living up to its foundation as Church School in a way which is appropriate and supportive and appropriate for their families, students and the local community. St Philips is a fabulous little school located in the heart of the community which tirelessly puts student and family wellbeing at the heart of everything it does while still maintaining a focus on delivering a quality education experience. Well done to all the staff and governors who drive this work day in and day out”

The SIAMS report is available to read in full on the school’s website: https://stphilipsceacademy.secure-primarysite.net/ofstedsiams-reports/



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