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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Street in Holme Wood victim of fly-tipping and illegal waste fires

For the past two months, residents on a street in Holme Wood have put up with illegal fly-tipping and waste fires with a crackdown imminent.

A street in Bradford has fallen foul to illegal fly-tipping and waste fires.

For the past two months, residents living near Haysham Drive have put up with people fly-tipping and setting fire to waste on a small patch of green space near their homes.

This comes as data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published before Christmas show Bradford reached a record level between 2020-21, up 12% than the year prior, from 16,128 reported incidents to 18,001 and the highest number since comparable records began in 2012-13.

Local organisations are working together to tackle the problem.

Research from global technology company OKdo has also found that Bradford has had the fourth-highest number of fly-tipping incidents involving electrical waste in England over the last five years in England.

Residents have informed local councillor Matt Edwards (Greens) about the problem, and he is working with Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police, Incommunities, the housing association that owns homes on the street, and the local Enforcement Team to rectify the issue.

Cllr Edwards said: “Most people in Holme Wood are fed up with the small minority of people who think any public space it’s their own private dumping ground.

“Fly-tipping isn’t a victimless crime, it has a really big impact on those living nearby and it costs the Council a lot of money to get it cleared – money that could be used to fund other services.”

A spokesperson for Incommunities said: “We are working collaboratively with Bradford Council, West Yorkshire Police, local MPs and councillors, and residents to identify and prosecute the culprits of this incident and other illegal fly-tipping. Residents can report fly-tipping confidentially to Bradford Council or ourselves.

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “Fly tipping and burning waste like this is simply unacceptable and we do everything we can to crack down on it.

“Bradford Council actively investigates fly-tipping and we regularly take enforcement action against offenders.

“Last year we investigated over 2000 incidents, issued over 50 fly-tipping fixed penalty notices and seized five vehicles involved in environmental crime.

“Our environmental enforcement team is aware of this incident and investigations are ongoing.

“If anyone has information on this incident, please report it at www.bradford.gov.uk/flytipping or call 01274 432111.”

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