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Monday, June 27, 2022

Street name in Little Horton changed to Mohammed Ali Gardens

A Bradford lawyer petitioned the name change 18 months ago and it was finally approved by the Council.

A street in Bradford has officially changed name.

The unassuming Herbert Street in Holme Top in BD5 will now be known as Mohammed Ali Gardens.

The name change was spearheaded by Bradford criminal and migration lawyer Bilaal Hussain Khan of BKP solicitors.

Balaal Khan’s son Mohammed Ali Khan.

Mr Khan submitted his request for the name change over 18 months ago but it only got approved last month due to delays caused by the coronavirus.

The name change was accepted by Bradford Council following a three-week consultation with the area’s local councillors.

Street name changes are uncommon and are only done when there is a good reason for it, usually, when names or numbering are confusing to the emergency services or Royal Mail.

As there is only one property on the street, which Mr Khan purchased in 2019, the change was simple enough to do which is why it got approved.

Mr Khan chose ‘Mohammed Ali Gardens’ as the new name for the street to honour his grandparents, the founder of Pakistan, and Mohammed Ali.

Mr Khan’s father (left) and late grandfather (right).

Mr Khan’s grandparents, Mohammed Ayub and Ali Begum migrated to Bradford in 1962, “leaving everything behind as every other South Asian did during that era”, Mr Khan said. “My grandparents moved to BD5 and worked in textile mills within the area making the area his home and home for his future generations.

“My grandmother joined him with my father and his siblings in 1975 when my father was 15. The name of the street is a combination of my grandparents’ first names. The names will pay respect to the sacrifices they made and the other migrants from Pakistan made to make this area into their home.”

The founder of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, is one of the solicitor’s heroes. He said: “Mohammed Ali Jinnah was an idol to me, a barrister who studied law in London and dedicated his life to fighting justice, equality, and freedom. He is known as ‘Quaid-I Azam’ – the ‘Great Leader’.

The street name has been officially changed.

“It is due to my aspirations of Mohammed Ali Jinnah that I have pursued a career in law and have decided to give back to my local community by investing into BD5 bringing back buildings into use and employing people from within the area providing free access to justice to all.”

Mr Bilaal added: “By naming the street Mohammed Ali Gardens it will pay homage to the great personalities, such as Mohammed Ali the professional boxer, and represent the hardships of the last century to the future generations who will see it as hope. With vision, hard work and determination anything is possible.”

Bradford Independent Group Councillor for Little Horton, Talat Sajawal said: “I think it is a good thing for the local area as the name is not just of a famous person but reflects the local community and will make local people feel more inclusive.”

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