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Thursday, November 30, 2023


Beauty entrepreneur celebrates sixteen years of success

It’s been over a year and half since our lives were disrupted with the pandemic. While many of us scrambled to survive and find ways to stay positive, one Bradford entrepreneur chose to use adversity as her strength and forged ahead with a new jewellery line, as well as continuing to grow her successful beauty brand – Prity’s

Salon owner Prity Farooq, celebrates sixteen years of success

Prity Farooq celebrates sixteen years in business and the success hasn’t come on a plate.

Prity was born in India in a place called Jamshedpur. She has always been ambitious from a very young age and had started her own beauty business as a teenager in her home town.

Prity saw success in her business, but that was short-lived as she had to leave it behind for marital life in the UK, in the 1990’s.

Not knowing the language, her surroundings and having no friends, Prity threw herself into her new abode. She was soon blessed with a boy, however the hunger to want to make a name for herself had never drowned. In fact, her desire to establish her own beauty business in the UK grew stronger.

Doing double shifts and working all hours, the mother saved enough money to open her own flagship salon in 2005, in Bradford. Prity’s English language skills were not her strength, nevertheless, she forged ahead and thanks to her knowledge on beauty treatments, specifically ayurvedic treatments and excellent customer care and attention resulted in winning several awards for her work and business.

Prity with her husband and boxer Deontay Wilder who was pampered with Prity’s Wilder facial

Nonetheless, it isn’t just awards that Prity has become accustomed to winning, but her portfolio of celebrity clients and partnerships is worthy of a mention too. Her most notable have been when heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder walked into her salon for a facial and who can forget Prity’s international partnership with Bollywood’s Sunny Leone.

Despite success Prity didn’t slow down, along with facials, skincare, haircare and her most popular eyebrow threading, Prity expanded her services with injectable treatments, from dermal fillers to collagen injections. She also launched a vegan, teeth whitening treatment and more recently an exciting jewellery brand – Afrodeti.com

Prity partnering up with famous Bollywood star Sunny Leone

Her customers come from all over the UK and have been loyal clients for more than a decade.

“Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was my business. It takes a lot of graft, dedication, and commitment to reach where I have today.” beamed Prity

“I am constantly signing up for training courses and learning to better myself, and my treatments. I think this is the reason why clients keep coming back, as they know they will get the best service with the most advanced and well researched treatments.”

However, with lockdown Prity wasn’t able to open her business for months and this resulted in huge losses, but also clients were finding different ways to access their services for their beauty regime, which meant that once lockdown was over, there was a threat and perhaps it wasn’t going to be a ‘business as usual’ situation.

Prity however chose to remain positive. She said: “Lockdown was hard, but I wasn’t going to let that worry me. I have faith in my ability, and I always like to see the good in everything. I don’t like to think about the problems, I prefer looking at solutions.”

One of the ways she managed to remain positive during lockdown, was by making cooking videos. Prity loves to cook and took great joy in sharing some of her most loved dishes with her social media followers. The videos were so successful that she ended up cooking and providing for NHS workers.

Prity is also very spiritual as a person and believes that if you give out good, you will always get back good, is it any wonder she gives so much to deserving causes.

While she played her part in providing food and raising funds for the NHS during lockdown, Prity also partnered up with Pathway Kitchen in Leeds, following a campaign on social media to donate bags of essentials for vulnerable and homeless women.

But her journey of giving started much before her beauty salon opening. It was during a

Prity’s flagship salon in the heart of Bradford. Established since 2005

trip to India, which really changed her outlook on life. During her travels she met an old woman in a nearby village. The woman approached Prity with tears in her eyes pleading for help. The woman who was in her late 70’s, had highly inflamed skin around her head area and was clearly in need of medical care, but she didn’t have the money for it.

“I remember I couldn’t sleep that night; I just couldn’t stop thinking about the old lady, wondering how many others were going through similar hardships and struggles.” Said Prity recalling the incident

The next day Prity got in touch with an old friend who was a doctor in the area. She explained the interaction with the poorly lady and announced that she wanted to help those who were less fortune than her, and ensure they have essential medical treatment.

“From then on till today I have been fortunate and blessed to be able to donate money for the treatment of needy and poor patients in the downtrodden areas of India and Pakistan.” Said Prity.

Anyone who walks into her Listerhills based salon, can feel the warmth, friendly atmosphere and professional and knowledgeable team, which is testament to the sixteen successful years Prity’s has enjoyed.

But for Prity however, she says she still has much to do… “This is just the beginning”

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