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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

 Threats received to school after ‘Ban the Hijab’ banner goes viral on social media.

A Barking school has had threats made after an Islamophobic banner reading ‘ban the Hijab’ was put up on railings there.

Police have responded with extra patrols in the area. A Met Police spokesperson said:

“We’re aware of threats made to staff at a school in Barking. We are talking with the school and local authority to ascertain the circumstances of this banner being placed.

This is completely unacceptable, and all allegations will be fully investigated.

Extra patrols will be carried out in the area around the school as a community reassurance today.”

Footage of the banner was put on social media platforms – generating a staggering 163,000 views.

The school, Greatfields School in Barking, has responded that the banner was immediately taken down, and that on investigating the issue it turned out to be an art project by a pupil who intended the banner to spark debate, not offend.

In a statement to The Asian Standard, a spokesperson for the school commented:

“The school authorities were made aware of a banner put up briefly in the school playground which has caused offence to people in and outside the school.

“The banner was put up by a Year 10 pupil as part of a conceptual art project which was meant to generate debate and was not meant to be offensive in any way.

“This was an ill-judged decision and as soon as staff were made aware the banner was removed immediately as this was not sanctioned by the school.

“We would like to make it absolutely clear that we are an inclusive school, and this does not represent the views of the school and for this we are extremely sorry and apologise for any harm this may have caused.

“This matter is being fully investigated by the school, and once again we would like to apologise for the hurt and offence caused.”


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