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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Transforming Slough’s closed Pizza Express into a restaurant and nightclub

A closed pizza restaurant in Slough town centre could be converted into a restaurant and nightclub.

Pizza Express in Slough High Street has permanently closed recently. Now, the restaurant could be converted into a restaurant and nightclub.

A licensing application viewable on Slough Borough Council’s website states that new owners want to sell alcohol, and food and play recorded music.

These activities could go on until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays and until midnight on each other day of the week.

The application has been submitted by Heritage Kitchen & Bar Ltd.

There is a Heritage Foods African & Caribbean Convenience Store located immediately next to the closed Pizza Express, which is an off licence that sells alcohol, tropical foods and frozen meat, fish and poultry.

There is also a Heritage Kitchen & Bar at a precinct in Hounslow.

Photos uploaded on Google for the site in London show guests enjoying African cuisine and a range of spirits and cocktails.

It is understood the convenience store in Slough and the bar in London are connected, as both sites have the same branding.

The Heritage Kitchen & Bar takeover of the closed Pizza Express was submitted as a licensing application to Slough Borough Council in the last few weeks.

The premises are located in a busy area of the town centre, with the Moon and Spoon Wetherspoon located two doors down, and The Curve venue located a short walk away.

The Heritage Foods convenience store at 78 High Street was contacted but the owner was unavailable for comment.

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