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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Two men have been jailed for brutal assault and burglary in Newham

Hasan Murad, 23, of Bethnal Green, and Abdul Hussain Khan, 24, of Whitechapel, were jailed for 14 years and six months, and 11 years, respectively, at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Wednesday, 3 April.

Both had been found guilty on 6 September 2023 of grievous bodily harm and aggravated burglary which occurred on 11 June 2021.

Hasan Murad. Image: Met Police

Murad and Khan gained entry into a Stratford address where they viciously attacked a man and a woman with metal poles causing severe injuries. These attacks included Khan stabbing the male in the armpit causing an arterial bleed.

After severely assaulting both victims, Murad and Khan left, taking items of the victims’ property with them, including phones and a driving licence.

Detectives launched an urgent investigation and identified Murad and Khan as the men responsible.

Abdul Khan. Image: Met Police

Both men evaded police and an extensive manhunt under the name Operation Slipton was conducted by the Predatory Offender Unit led by Detective Sergeant Richard Bunning. Thanks to evidence gathered through phone data, both men were located and arrested in July 2021.

Officers obtained a wide range of evidence including CCTV footage, details gathered on social media and identification procedures. The victims bravely identified the defendants when they were in custody.

Detective Chief Inspector Claudine Davie said: “We hope the sentences handed to Murad and Khan gives the victims in this case the justice that they deserve. This was a heinous attack that used brutal violence.

“I’d like to thank DC Brunning who was the officer in charge of this case for his tireless work. I’d also like to thank the team in the Predatory Offender Unit for apprehending these dangerous individuals, arresting them and taking them off the streets.”

Detective Constable Brunning added: “I’d like to thank the prosecution for their great work as well as Social Services for supporting the victims. But most of all I want to commend the victims for their bravery in coming forward. If you have been a victim of assault or burglary then please speak to us be either calling 101 or 999 if it’s an emergency.”

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