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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

University of Bradford Union of Students welcomes Hazmin Ahmed as Trustee, igniting a new era of student empowerment

In a resounding move towards enhancing student experiences and fostering dynamic leadership, the University of Bradford Union of Students (UBU) proudly announces the appointment of Hazmin Ahmed to its esteemed Board of Trustees. With an illustrious background as the former Academic Affairs Officer and current Operations Manager at NICE, Hazmin Ahmed brings a wealth of expertise in strategic development and transformative leadership to UBU.

During his tenure as Academic Affairs Officer, Hazmin demonstrated an unwavering dedication to enriching the educational journey of students. His track record of spearheading strategic initiatives and guiding organisations through transformative change underscores his suitability for this pivotal role within UBU.

Aleem Bashir, CEO of UBU, expressed genuine enthusiasm about Hazmin’s appointment, citing his invaluable contributions to the realisation of UBU’s vision for a modernised student experience. “Hazmin Ahmed’s appointment signifies a strategic alliance with visionary leaders,” Bashir remarked. “His expertise will undoubtedly drive continuous improvement and innovation within our Union.”

Echoing this sentiment, Hamza Khan, the Union Student Affairs officer, extended a warm welcome to Hazmin, expressing anticipation for the insights he will bring to the board. “Hazmin’s appointment heralds exciting times for our organisation,” Khan stated. “His proven leadership and dedication are a beacon of inspiration for us all.”

In his own words, Hazmin Ahmed expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to rejoin UBU in the role of Trustee. “UBU holds a special place in my heart as the foundation of my journey,” Hazmin remarked. “I am thrilled to contribute to UBU’s transformative journey, ensuring that it remains a beacon of empowerment for students, both now and in the future.”

With Hazmin Ahmed’s appointment, UBU embarks on a new chapter of innovation and student-centric initiatives, solidifying its position as a catalyst for positive change within the University of Bradford community.


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