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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Urgent Appeal: Dr. Ghause sounds alarm on Dewsbury’s decline without vital leisure facilities

In the heart of Dewsbury, a vital lifeline has been severed with the closure of the Dewsbury Sports Centre last September. The repercussions of this closure have reverberated throughout the community, leaving a trail of hardship and diminished well-being in its wake.

Dr. Ghause, a highly respected figure in Thornhill’s medical community, has stepped forward to illuminate the grave consequences of losing such a crucial resource. With a significant portion of Dewsbury’s population being individuals over 55 and other vulnerable members, the absence of the sports centre has created a void that’s impacting both their physical and mental health.

For many residents, especially those grappling with conditions like arthritis and heart disease, the sports centre wasn’t just a building; it was their lifeline to staying active and connected. Its closure has effectively severed their link to the outside world, leaving them stranded within the confines of their homes.

Transport links in Dewsbury made the centre easily accessible, particularly for those with mobility issues. Its closure has not only isolated residents but also added significant barriers to accessing alternative leisure facilities, both in terms of time and cost.

Dr. Ghause’s urgent plea to local authorities and decision-makers is clear: the closure of these leisure facilities cannot be allowed to continue. Immediate action is needed to address the needs of Dewsbury’s vulnerable population and reinstate the vital services that once kept them healthy and connected.

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