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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Westminster C of E Primary School triumphs in OFSTED rating: Where Everyone Thrives!

In a resounding triumph, Westminster C of E Primary School in central Bradford has embraced its vision of “Everyone Welcome, Everyone Belongs, Everyone Flourishes,” earning accolades as it achieved a remarkable ‘Good’ rating in its recent OFSTED inspection conducted in September 2023. This achievement marks the culmination of four years of dedicated effort, fostering a culture of respect, establishing a supportive learning environment, and crafting a meticulously designed curriculum. The school’s commitment to its students and the community at large has not only transformed its educational landscape but has also laid the foundation for a future brimming with promise.

OFSTED’s glowing report highlighted the school’s exceptional support for families and the broader community, instilling a sense of pride in Bradford among its students, many of whom join throughout the academic year. Inspectors commended the school’s commitment to parental involvement, noting, “The school provides excellent support to parents and carers, enabling them to actively engage in their children’s learning journey while fostering a strong sense of community belonging.”

A standout feature was the school’s contextual approach to the curriculum, utilising the diverse experiences and heritage of its students to inspire relevant and engaging learning. This innovative approach not only nurtures a keen understanding of the local community but also broadens the horizons of the young learners, instilling a profound awareness of the wider world.

The report also lauded the school’s dedicated efforts in catering to the individual needs of students with Special Educational Needs, emphasising the tailored support provided across the curriculum. Particularly noteworthy was the school’s approach to reading instruction, where students requiring additional assistance were offered targeted support, ensuring they become proficient and confident readers.

Impressively, the students themselves earned praise, exhibiting active engagement in activities, with a calm and focused demeanor during lessons. Teachers’ positive relationships with students were highlighted, fostering an environment where students felt secure to voice concerns and engage actively in their learning.

This success story was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the school’s staff, students, and the unwavering support of parents and carers. Simon Gallacher, Headteacher at Westminster CofE Primary Academy, expressed his pride, stating, “This year has seen us achieve our Schools of Sanctuary Award, our Diversity Mark, and our SIAMS ‘Good’ inspection, with OFSTED as the cherry on the icing on the cake.”

Carol Dewhurst OBE, Chief Executive Officer at Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, added: “This report perfectly endorses the very essence of Westminster Academy as a school committed and dedicated to serving its community, putting student wellbeing front and centre without compromising the quality of education being delivered day in and day out. So much hard work has gone in to transform this school in to the wonderful, caring learning environment it is today, and I know that they will only continue to go from strength to strength as they look to the future.

Westminster C of E Primary School stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, community spirit, and a vision that embraces every individual, ensuring that at Westminster, indeed, ‘Everyone Thrives.’

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