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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

York and North Yorkshire have a new Mayor – Labour’s David Skaith

The results in for the race to be the Mayor of York and North Yorkshire, with a big win for Labour’s David Skaith.

Mr Skaith has, secured 66,671 votes, representing almost 30% of the electorate turnout.

Behind him came Conservative candidate Keane Duncan, with 51,967 votes, giving Mr Skaith a winning margin of 14,704 votes.

The election is significant, as it is the region’s first mayoral election, and is noted as including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s constituency of Richmond.

Addressing this, and their success, A Labour Spokesman commented.

“This is a truly historic result in York and North Yorkshire. Kier Starmer’s Labour Party is now winning in Rishi Sunak’s back yard”.


The statistics for the election in York and North Yorkshire are:

Labour – David Skaith:                                                           35.1 %

Conservative – Keane Duncan :                                            27.3%

Liberal Democrats – Felicity Cunliffe – Lister:                 16.2%

Greens – Kevin Foster:                                                           8%


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