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Monday, May 27, 2024

Yorkshire Cyclists Embrace Syrian Orphans.

A group of cyclists from across West Yorkshire will be travelling to Lebanon in October for the inauguration of an orphanage that they raised money for to house Syrian refugees.

Last May, the cyclists from the well-established community organisation Pedlaz CC took on a challenging 70 mile bike ride from Dewsbury to York with the goal of raising £25,000 which would pay for the running costs of the orphanage for one year.

Volunteers at Pedlaz Cycling Club which is based in Dewsbury and Batley came together to organise the charity bike ride for the Lebanon orphanage which seeks to provide orphan refugees of the Syrian conflict and children without a breadwinner a safe place to live, basic education and health care.

Pedlaz Cyclists have raised more £25,000 to help build and orphanage in Lebanon

The project came about following a visit to Lebanon by one of the volunteers of the community organisation who went to Lebanon with the charity World Care Foundation and visited their orphans support projects and from there the seed grew to Pedlaz cyclists coming together to do a fund raiser with the goal of starting their own orphanage.

One of the founder member’s of Pedlaz told Asian Standard: “When we heard first hand reports of the great need on the ground, we were all unanimous about wanting to do a fundraiser and adopting an orphanage. And it’s with great joy that we announce we have reached our target of £25k and will be opening soon”

Committee member Yasin said “we are so grateful to all the cyclists, donors, support crew and sponsors for their continued support without them it would be impossible to complete these projects. These people give us the courage to start and continue these projects and the generosity of people with their time and money is humbling”.

“This is a project where refugee children who have lost one or both parents and have no breadwinners and often still living under tarpaulin, are helped into a secure housing unit and with a chance of education within a secure environment.”

Whilst in Lebanon the group will also be distributing food and fuel parcels in refugee camps with The World Care Foundation. Shoaib who helps run the Dewsbury office of The World Care Foundation said “The need for donations to help the refugees in Lebanon from the

Syrian conflict is all year round but is especially important coming up to the winter months when warm clothing and fuel for stoves is increasingly necessary when so many are facing another winter under tarpaulin”

Pedlaz Cycling club organises regular charity bike rides for various causes throughout the year raising money for valuable causes whilst enjoying their passion for cycling.

It also provides regular rides for men and women of all abilities from new cyclists requiring advice and support to longer rides for seasoned cyclists who want a new challenge.

Jav, one of the founder members of the club, said: “As we get older, it becomes increasingly harder to stay fit and healthy, with the gym not being for everyone.

“Cycling combines the best of a nice social event as well as working on our fitness.

“Our goal when we set up the group was to make cycling for physical and mental health accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

“From the beginning, we always said we need to combine a social responsibility and charity element to it. That’s why we will keep regular cycling challenges to raise money for those less fortunate.

“Anyone wishing to join us on our regular rides or wanting details on future events can follow us social media @pedlazcc”

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