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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Are bills killing romance? Readers explain how much money they spend on Valentine’s Day

With bills expected to skyrocket in upcoming weeks, our readers share if that will prevent them from spending on Valentine’s Day.

After spending last Valentine’s Day under national lockdown, many people have looked forward to spending this year with their partners and loved ones, lavishing them with treats and gifts to show their affection.

However, with the cost of living set to soar thanks to rising food costs and gas and electricity bills, some people may have to forgo partaking in the lover’s celebration in a bid to cut back on luxuries.

According to statistics by Finder.com, 91% of the UK could be celebrating Valentine’s Day in some sort of way. Last year, just over three quarters (76%) of the adult population celebrated the loving day.

Up to 91% of adults could take part in Valentine’s Day according to research. Image: Pablo Heimplatz.

The stats from Finder.com show that last year there was a significant drop in spending from the 41.4m who embraced the day of love, down from £1.45bn in 2020 to £926 million in 2021, with the average person spending £35 on Valentine’s in 2020 but only £23, last year.

People in Yorkshire spend on average £22 on Valentine’s Day in 2021, with most people last year opting to spend time together inside, order a takeaway, or cook a special meal together. For those people who live apart, a quarter of people opted for a video message or phone call.

A sizeable portion of men and women did not spend money last year, 28% of women kept their pockets shut in February, and 24% of men did the same.

Will people in Bradford and Keighley do the same? We asked our readers how much they plan to spend this Valentine’s Day and if the increase in bills has impacted their potential spending.

The average person in Yorkshire spends £23 on Valentine’s Day. Image: Smart Clicks.

Most people we surveyed said that they will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day and if they do, it will be with a card or giving their partner a small token to show their love and affection.

Here is what half a dozen people from Bradford and Keighley had to say.

Raza Khan from Keighley said: “I will spend probably £50 on a full meal and dessert at a restaurant for two. I remember before Covid-19 in 2019 everything was cheaper, ever since the pandemic, restaurants prices have gone up.

“I am Muslim so the most I can treat myself to is halal food or a nice time out. Other people will go out have fun, but they will have extras like a boozy night out and that’s when ends do meet when people are not dry of cash.”

Shaz Naqvi, from Bradford, said: “My partner and I usually get each other Valentine’s Day gifts but because of bills and unexpected costs this year, we won’t be doing it.

“We are not sure how things will pan out, as working parents with no help from the government we don’t seem to get a break! Things are definitely getting tighter for us.”

Gulraiz Masood from Keighley added: “I spend zilch. As a Muslim, I do not celebrate Valentine’s Day so it is just another day in February.

Another woman said: “Nope, not doing Valentine’s Day this year as we’re skint with the bills going up. Normally I buy each of my boys a tub of sweets and a card and then my girl normally gets a card and something small.”

Ghaz Daad from Bradford said: “We used to celebrate it before having kids. Now birthdays are more important. Valentine’s is just another day. There are two main reasons we do not celebrate it. Firstly, it can prove costly and secondly, it’s not a religious festival so there is no reason to celebrate it.”

Shareena Yaqoob, said: “I’m planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a card, cooking my husband’s favourite meal and if he is lucky, he can control the tv remote for the evening. We have done this for the twenty-plus years we’ve been a couple, it has become a tradition for us now.”

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below.


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