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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Bradford launches campaign to fill 1,100 adult social care vacancies.

A new campaign to try to fill the 1,100 vacancies in adult social care in the Bradford area has been launched today.

Bradford Council and Bradford Care Association have joined forces to launch the landmark social care recruitment campaign for a sector that is struggling to meet demand.

The much-needed recruitment campaign is aimed at inspiring people across the city to embark on a career in adult social care.

Titled, “Be Someone’s…” this campaign highlights the crucial role social care workers play in supporting individuals in need across Bradford.

The campaign emphasises the diverse opportunities available within the social care sector and the profound impact that workers have on the people they are caring for.

Announcing the drive, a statement from the partnership explained why it is needed.

It said: “The demand for care professionals is growing. There are around 1,100 vacancies across Bradford District and Craven working with adults who need support with various conditions.

“It is expected that an additional 3,579 care professionals will be needed in the next 10 years, to keep up with demand.

“At the heart of the campaign is the recognition that every day in adult social care is different, offering a dynamic and fulfilling career path for those who choose to join the sector.

“From providing companionship and support to elderly residents in care homes, to empowering individuals with disabilities to lead independent lives, social care workers in Bradford have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

“Through compelling storytelling, testimonials, and visuals, the campaign aims to attract individuals from diverse backgrounds who are passionate about making a positive impact in their community.”

The campaign will be promoted through various channels, including social media, local media outlets, digital and print signage around the city and in community gathering spaces.

Bradford Council and BCA encourage individuals interested in exploring career opportunities in adult social care to visit http://www.skillshouse.co.uk/someone. for more information and to apply.

Irteza Masood, Mental Health Social Worker – City Community Mental Health Team, said: “I am really proud to be part of this campaign as I want to be a positive representation of the work that I do and the community I serve. I am proud to be from Bradford and grateful to support vulnerable adults in our community.

“Working in the social care sector is challenging but so rewarding. So it’s important that we recruit people who can empathise with the people we work with, who believe in the strength of community resources and are able to have a positive attitude about enacting change.”

Iain MacBeath, Strategic Director of Adult Social Care & Health for Bradford Council and Director of Integration for Bradford District Community NHS Trust, said: “A career in adult social care is extremely rewarding, where you make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable people in our community.

“That is why this recruitment campaign is so important, highlighting the range of fantastic roles across the Council and independent care sector in Bradford, with a range of jobs that can fit around you.”

Rayhana Begum, Managing Director of Sentinel Homecare, a private care provider in Bradford, said: “A positive society is collectively made of people coming together to aid each other and this need in Bradford is no different to any other city. This area needs help and support from trained and enthusiastic adult social care staff.”

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