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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Can you prevent siblings in care being split up?


In the UK more than half of sibling groups are split up in care. The Fostering Team are searching for Foster Parents who are willing to open their homes to care for siblings. Children in care have already had a very traumatic past, so to be split from their siblings, who may be the only people who can understand what they have been through is a very painful time.

Studies have shown that older children taken into care and separated from their younger siblings can often have a difficult time feeling accepted, and in turn, accepting their new family. Yet, when they have a sibling by their side to share the journey with, this can generally make the transition a lot easier.

Being fostered with a sibling is also a huge support for children who have been removed from a violent or abusive home. This is because they can then band together with their siblings in a new, unfamiliar environment.

The main reason why children are being split up is due to the shortage of carers who have more than one spare bedroom. This is why, The Fostering Team are reaching out to families with space, time and love to keep siblings in care together.

There are already some inspirational carers currently with The Fostering Team that have opened their hearts and homes to siblings. Shafaz and Afshan Afzal have been caring for four siblings for almost one year on a short term basis. The children all settled in extremely well and are thriving. The most amazing news is that they will be returning home with their birth parents soon. If this is something you believe you could commit to please get in touch with is today.

If you are interested in fostering and would like more information, please contact The Fostering Team on 0161 483 4769 or visit their website 

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