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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Spicy Flexitarian chef set to make traditional Indian cuisine with a western twist on MasterChef tonight

The 23-year-old law graduate-turned-private-chef is set to appear on the latest series of MasterChef.

A 23-year-old graduate from Bradford is set to appear on the latest episode of BBC One’s mega-hit cooking competition series, MasterChef, tonight.

Radha Kaushal-Bolland, better known as Chef Rü, or the Spicy Flexitarian, is a private vegetarian and plant-based chef based in Bradford. She is set to compete against eight other contestants in the fifth and final week of heats for a space in the MasterChef quarter-finals.

Ms Kaushal-Bolland will take to the MasterChef kitchen and, if she makes it through to the end of the episode, will cook four dishes for a space in the competition.

Ms Kaushal-Bolland is set to make vegetarian dishes on the show. Image: Shine TV/BBC.

The dishes she cooked on the show remain a top-secret, but Ms Kaushal-Bolland has revealed that she cooked traditional Indian cuisine with a western twist, inspired by her dual Indian and British heritage.

Growing up in Durham, the northern lass moved to the district with her family at a young age before completing a law degree at the University of Huddersfield in 2020.

The graduate was on course to become a lawyer after her studies but her love for cooking flourished during lockdown and took her in a different direction, becoming self-employed as a private chef two months ago.

Her mum, a lead operational pharmacist at NHS 111 Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and her dad, head of operations at the University of Bradford, had a lot on their plates at the beginning of quarantine in 2020, which is when the private chef took to the kitchen.

Ms Kaushal-Bolland, said: “I only started cooking during lockdown because my mum and dad were, understandably, so busy. If dinner was already cooked for them and on the table, then at least that is one less thing that they have to think about.

“My journey into cooking is very recent but the influence comes from my dual heritage. So, a lot of traditional Indian dishes that I grew up on, but also the classic British desserts that I ate when I was at boarding school.

Ms Kaushal-Bolland takes inspiration for her dishes from her dual heritage. Image: Shine TV/BBC.

“Being in the kitchen during lockdown was something that I did for my mum and dad, but it was also a way of relieving the stress of revising and sitting final exams during the pandemic.”

Being a vegetarian, it was important for Chef Rü to showcase meat-free delicacies on the show. She said: “Being a vegetarian, it is so important to me to highlight humble vegetables on the show and give them the spicy, Asian twist that I grew up on.”

The law graduate likes to cook hearty dishes such as rice, daal, and chickpea curry, as well as traditional English desserts.

She said: “I’ve got such a sweet tooth, when I went out to restaurants with my family when I was younger, I would always look at the dessert menu first before looking at the starters and the mains.

“I do like to cook desserts, but I love to cook traditional Indian dishes that I ate when I was a kid, and what my mum grew up on when she was younger, but give them that western twist, whether it is the way it is presented on the plate or pairing it with a cocktail.”

Chef Rü says her whole family have been supportive of her decision to change careers and appear on the show. The MasterChef contestant added: “My entire family have been so supportive; I can’t begin to explain how supportive they have been throughout the entire process.

“I don’t think it came as a shock to them because I have always been creative, I have always loved music and drama. Being in the kitchen and being able to cook new dishes is a way of exploring my creative side.”

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