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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Cost-Conscious Cuisine: Asda and MasterChef Winner Team Up for Ramadan

Asda's Research Reveals: Over 89% of British Muslims struggle with Cost-of-Living impact on Ramadan and Eid Plans

In a stark revelation, recent research conducted by Asda highlights the staggering toll the ongoing cost-of-living crisis is taking on communities, particularly during the sacred month of Ramadan. Shockingly, over 89% of British Muslims express concerns that the soaring costs will directly impact their Ramadan and Eid plans this year.

Among the findings, nearly one in five individuals (18%) anticipate spending £20-£30 less on food per week compared to 2023, with 17% compelled to alter their cooking techniques due to escalating energy prices. Moreover, a third (36%) confess to resorting to purchasing fewer or cheaper alternatives than usual, raising concerns about compromised meal quality and culinary inspiration.

The research paints a poignant picture of the challenges faced by families striving to uphold traditional practices amidst financial strain. A substantial 72% feel uninspired when it comes to meal preparation, while 87% prioritise convenience over personal food preferences, resulting in lackluster dining experiences.

Responding to these pressing needs, Asda has partnered with esteemed culinary talent Shelina Permalloo, winner of the 2012 MasterChef competition, to craft a series of tantalising recipes designed to invigorate Ramadan feasts without burdening budgets. Featuring cost-effective ingredients and ingenious culinary techniques, these recipes promise to deliver flavour-packed delights starting at just 45p per head.

The exclusive recipe collection encompasses a diverse array of dishes, including Tropical Overnight Oats, Moroccan Harira Soup, Juicy Beef Kebabs, and a delectable Gulab Jamun Barfi for Eid dessert. Accessible to cooks of all skill levels and adaptable to various budgetary constraints, these recipes aim to foster joyous gatherings and unforgettable culinary experiences during Ramadan.

Shelina Permalloo herself underscores the significance of affordable yet delicious meal options during times of economic uncertainty. “Having access to and utilising low-cost, versatile ingredients is more crucial than ever,” she asserts. “These recipes, budgeted at just 45p per serving, are crafted to bring families together in celebration without financial strain.”

Ben Khan, World Foods Buying Manager at Asda, echoes these sentiments, emphasising the company’s commitment to supporting families through their observance of Ramadan. “Recognising the heightened financial pressures facing many families this year, we are dedicated to providing both inspiration and affordability through our partnership with Shelina,” he remarks. “By offering excellent deals on our Ramadan range, we aim to empower shoppers to recreate these culinary delights at home without apprehension over costs.”

In a time marked by economic challenges, Asda’s collaboration with Shelina Permalloo serves as a beacon of hope, reaffirming the enduring spirit of community, celebration, and resilience during Ramadan.

To download all four recipes for free, visit Asda Good Living. Shelina will be posting weekly tutorials for each dish on her Instagram and TikTok channels, including tips and tricks for hosting.

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