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Sunday, April 14, 2024

UK government dedicates more than £100 million in aid to protect British Muslims from hate crime.

Yesterday saw the announcement by Home Secretary James Cleverly, of more than £100 million to help protect key Islamic community sites, such as mosques and faith schools. It will go towards security measures such as security cameras, fences and alarms.

Home Secretary James Cleverly Image: Wikimedia Commons

Mr Cleverly commented: “The Prime Minister has made clear that we stand with Muslims in the UK. That is exactly why we have committed to this funding, giving reassurance and confidence to UK Muslims at a time when it is crucially needed”.

The move comes in response to growing tensions in the UK between different faith groups, right wing organisations, and politicians as the crises in the Middle East stirs up strong feelings on all sides. Since the start of the conflict, hate crimes against Muslim people have sharply increased.

The organisation, ‘Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti – Muslim Attacks)’ is a national project that supports victims of Islamophobia and anti – Muslim hate. Talking with the Asian Standard, a spokesperson commented: “We are deeply concerned about the impacts that the Israel and Gaza war are having on hate crimes and on social cohesion in the U.K. Hate crimes against British Muslims have substantially risen and our data clearly demonstrates this.

Tell MAMA has recorded a 335% increase in anti-Muslim hate cases between 7 Oct – 7 Feb. This rise in anti-Muslim hate is unacceptable and we welcome the Government funding to bolster security at mosques and other Muslim sites including schools and community setters across the UK over the next four years.

Nobody should ever fear persecution of their faith and it is vital we stand together to reject those who seek to spread hatred and divide us.”

Responding to the seriousness of the situation, Mr Cleverly also stated: “Anti- Muslim hate has absolutely no place in our society. We will not let events in the middle East be used as an excuse to justify abuse against British Muslims.”

The funding will take the form of more than £117 million spaced over the next four years.

Minister of State (Minister for Security) Tom Tugendhat Image: Wikipedia

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat also commented: “This funding demonstrates that this government stands firmly against hate crimes. Abuse, threats or harassment against British Muslims.

“We continue to work closely with policing and community partners to ensure the safety and security of British Muslims.”

The government has also provided funds to help the Jewish community. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, speaking at the Community Security Trust on 28 February 2024, pledged over £70 million over the next four years to help protect schools and synagogues.

Mr Sunak said: “As Prime Minister I will lead this government in a long term effort to strengthen your security, defend our liberal democratic values and change our culture so we tackle the root causes of this hatred.”


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