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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bradford primary school to launch a clean-up session in Manningham in the spring

School children in Manningham are fed-up with walking to school surrounded by bits of broken glass and litter which is why they have decided to launch a clean-up session in March.

A local primary school is launching a clean-up day in Manningham to ensure that the streets are safe and clean when pupils walk to and from school with their families.

Children on Dixons Manningham Primary’s school council are fed-up with walking to school with streets filled with litter which is why they have decided to launch a clean-up day in the upcoming school term.

All pupils will be involved, with children from Year 1 to Year 6 joining in the clean-up. Due to the pandemic, the plans to start the litter picking campaign called Keep Manningham Clean had been delayed but the school is striving to set a day in March.

The school council decided enough is enough and will clean the streets with help from their teachers and the community themselves.

The community liaison officer for the school, Nazia Ansari, said: “Our school council has decided that they want to clean up Manningham. On the way to school, we have faced a lot of debris anything from dog mess to bedding, cupboards, pieces of glass, and drug paraphernalia, it is just not okay.

“The students have decided that they want to clean it themselves so they have started a campaign which will be launched in the new term.

“We are going to set up a day and ask the local community to pitch in and help us clean up Manningham and to sustain it and make it a nicer place to live, we want the kids to be proud of where they live.”

The school is also looking for businesses to partner up with so that the whole community can take ownership and become involved in the cleaning process.

With community involvement, the school aims to make the clean-up session a monthly activity to keep the local area clean and inspire pride in the pupils for where they live.

The school will announce the date sooner to the time.

The community liaison officer added: “The school is lovely and clean, and we keep our best to keep it looking beautiful but there is a lot of debris on the way to school, not just directly outside the school but the streets surrounding it.

“We’ve had incidences where people have thrown things such as a car bonnet over the school’s wall, the children recognise that it is not acceptable, so we want to try and sustain a healthy environment for them to come and go and be proud of where they live.”

“The kids deserve a healthy and safe environment to live in. It is the bare minimum for the streets to be clean, and if it is not done by those who should then we are taking it into our own hands, we are taking responsibility and ownership over the area where we live, where we work, and where we study.”

More information will follow on Dixons Manningham Primary school’s website, here.

Will you be mucking out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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