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Monday, June 27, 2022

North East Diversity and Inclusion specialist acquires London based counterpart in huge deal

Hebburn based Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion specialist eQuality Solutions Group has purchased Challenge, a London based DEI training and consultancy business in a seven-figure deal as part of its “buy and build” strategy.

The acquisition will help push eQS toward the goal of becoming the leading provider in the UK of DEI solutions. The specialist hopes to hit a 2023 target of achieving a £30m turnover.

The Challenge Consultancy has an outstanding reputation in DEI, built on transformational training on the global stage across four decades. Thew group have become a beacon in creating positive change in the private, public, and education sectors.

Andy Gough, eQS CEO, exlained: “Challenge has an outstanding reputation in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion and has done incredible work to influence positive change in the workplace.”

Asian Standard understands this is the fourth acquisition in the last 12 months for the Hebburn based group which will see Challenge Consultancy’s 41 employees and consultants join forces with recently acquired EW Group. This will further strengthen eQS’ position as a “leader in providing DEI solutions in the workplace”.

Speaking of the acquisition, eQS’ CFO, Michael Hall, said: “The global DEI market is forecast to reach £6billion in the next five years and the acquisition of Challenge Consultancy is an important milestone for the group, instantly doubling the size of our DEI division and making eQS one of the largest independent players in the UK.

“The addition of Challenge Consultancy will see eQS’ revenues exceed £15 million and the accumulation of talent reinforces our ability to deliver industry-changing DEI strategies across multiple sectors and geographies”

Asian Standard has learned eQS carries a proven track record in delivering industry-leading disability solutions. They are confident the market will respond positively to the combination of two of the strongest players in the sector, and to the greater capacity and expertise the wider Group will now offer.

eQS offers full-service disability related services through the government’s Access to Work fund and through privately funded assessments either by the workplace or by the individual. As part of their mission to create a more inclusive world, they also offer full-service diversity and inclusion consultancy for businesses.

For more information visit: www.e-q-s.com


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