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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Keighley family to be reunited with their uncle from Pakistan after five-year separation

A man from Pakistan will be reunited with his family from Keighley for the first time in five years next week.

Rasab Hussain, who owns a hotel and rents out shop buildings to businesses in Pakistan is looking forward to meeting his family, including 14 grandchildren, one of whom, is three and he has never met before.

The last time Mr Hussain was in England was in 2016. He overstayed his visa by a mere five days which formed the basis of him getting his request for a visitors’ visa denied two years ago.

Rasab Hussain (holding the phone) and his brothers in Pakistan.

His visa was declined for a second time after the authorities told him that he didn’t have sufficient proof of income despite it not being the case.

Mr Hussain’s family stepped in and sought help from one of Keighley’s councillors, Mohammed Nazam, who was elected in May of this year.

Mr Nazam helped Mr Hussain and his family in Keighley fill out the correct travel forms, but his visa was rejected again for the third time.

With the help of MP for Keighley Robbie Moore who personally vouched for Mr Hussain at the Home Office, Mr Hussain’s family appealed his application which then got approved.

A short-term visiting visa to the UK for up to six months currently costs Rs2318 or around £98 per application which can take between three and twelve weeks to process. The priority visa which takes only five days to process is much more expensive.

Mr Hussain’s nephew, Vaz Shabir shared the good news on social media and said: “My uncle, my father’s older brother, had been denied a visa to come to England two years in a row.

Vaz Shabir and his family got help from Cllr Mohammed Nazam and Robbie Moore to get his uncle an approved visa. 

“My uncle lives permanently in Pakistan. Five years ago, he overstayed his visa by days which resulted in him being rejected twice. Those who through this process knows it is both time consuming and very expensive.

“We as a family then got District Councillor Mohammed Nazam involved. He worked tirelessly to make this happen. Initially, this was rejected again to much disappointment for all.

“However, Nazam got Robbie Moore MP involved who went to the minister himself to vouch and get this reversed.

“It was approved, and my uncle will arrive here in a week! I want to thank Nazam for all his efforts and hard work.”

Mr Shabir added: “As a family, we are obviously delighted and looking forward to being reunited with Uncle Rasab again after a long five years.

“We have not been able to travel because of the Coronavirus so it is going to be a monumental occasion.

“My uncle is double vaccinated and ready to travel!”



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