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Thursday, May 26, 2022

The next phase of construction at BEAP Manningham’s new sport complex has begun

the £1.2m development is expected to be completed in May or June next year.

The next phase of work on the new Midland Road Sports Complex has begun.

The first brick at BEAP Community Partnership’s new sports complex in the heart of Manningham has been laid today in an official ceremony attended by members of staff, management, and volunteers.

Next to Bantams Stadium, the new £1.2m development is attached to the existing community centre on Cornwall Road.

The new development is expected to open in June next year. 

The community centre provides services either through itself or partners to address high levels of deprivation and disadvantage in the neighbourhood, in particular the Bangladeshi community. It also aims to engage with local people, helping them to form and action their own agendas for positive change.

After years of planning, excavation work finally started in September. Founder and chair of BEAP, Hiron Miah, said: “This new facility has been a long-term development for us. Our vision has been to create a facility that will be used by everyone in the community.

“It has been a plan for us for about ten years, partly because it was a piece of derelict land that has been vandalised with graffiti and people burning stuff, especially on Bonfire Night. We have planned to regenerate the area by developing this land.

“Our target is to run several different projects attached to the facility which includes health programmes work and business programmes as well as giving employment opportunities.

“The long-term vision is to use the facility to improve the lives of the community”.

The centre manager at BEAP, Abu Saleh, has worked at the community centre since 2008. He said that he “didn’t expect to see the development happen in his lifetime”.

Humayun Islam is the chief executive of BEAP Community Partnership.

The project is due to be completed next summer and will see the creation of two new 4G football pitches outside, a renovated indoor sports hall completed with changing rooms and a café.

Chief executive of BEAP, Humayun Islam said: “Today is the bricklaying ceremony for the new pavilion that will serve the community. It is a milestone and a legacy for the people in Manningham.

“The new sports complex is vital to the area. It is so important that we have a safe zone for the community, where the local community and the wider community can use the facility.

“We estimate that is it going to be completed in May or June in 2022.”

The new sports complex will provide space for women and girls to participate in sports. Mr Islam said: “It is really important to get women and girls into playing sport because historically we only had one indoor facility where many of the women and girls couldn’t access because it was mainly used by men.

“We will now have a new amazing facility where we can encourage more women and girls to play.”

Shahidur Rahman, Midland Road Sports Complex programme lead, said: “Today is the bricklaying ceremony, so the first few bricks are coming in. We thought it would be nice to involve our staff, management, and volunteers to come in and feel a part of the work.

“We see every day what is happening but to be on-site and be fully part of the process is just a fantastic feeling.

The sports complex will be open to everybody in the community.

“The community has been fantastic, before the work started, we did so many consultations in terms of what the community wants and what it is going to be like. To be fair, a lot of the community members did not expect that we would have this great facility in the middle of Manningham.

“We want this project to be community-owned and community-led and that is why it is very important that the community is fully involved.

“There is going to be a lot of health benefits to the complex. We are not expecting people to become first-class athletes instead it is about improving health, engaging in recreational football, and anything that will improve health, which is what we are looking forward to.

“It will also provide a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of the residents here. People will feel good and able to do various activities in the centre, boosting mental wellbeing. This is what the facility is all about.

“The complex will be affordable as well which is why it needs to be on Manningham’s doorstep.”

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