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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Kirklees Council backs White Ribbon Campaign to end violence against women

White Ribbon Day is a day which promotes the end of violence against woman. The day which falls on the 25 November calls all men to never remain silent, commit or excuse the act of violence on woman and girls.

Kirklees council is supporting this campaign and expresses how men should stand against hate crime towards females.

To the support the campaign, Kirklees council created a video which features men across Kirklees to call out on this behaviour. The video itself has been shared across the official social media accounts of Kirklees council and was played on the big screen at John Smith’s Stadium to fans at the Huddersfield Town’s home game last Saturday.

Men who are for the cause can join the 38,000 others who have already pledged on the White Ribbon website.

The leader of Kirklees council, Cllr Shabir Pandor has expressed his joy to support such a cause by saying “Nationally, violence towards women is too common. The shocking murder of Sarah Everard earlier this year has brought this issue to the forefront of everyone’s minds, and we must do more to ensure such a tragedy doesn’t happen again. This is a real opportunity to get the message out that male abuse and violence towards women must end”.

He further adds, “I ask men to take a moment to think about their own behaviour towards women and be prepared to call out sexist or harassing behaviour if they see it in others. Their actions could make a real difference to someone’s life”.

He finally adds his praises to the men who have pledged online to stop hate crime towards woman and how this will help raise awareness of the campaign and generate more conversations in the future.

The Chief Superintendent of Kirklees Police, Jim Griffiths has said, “We have been very pleased to support the launch of the White Ribbon Day which encourages men and boys to take a stand against violence towards women and take a pledge never to commit these offences”.

One in four women will experience some type of domestic abuse in their lifetime. To clarify, the term ‘domestic abuse’ includes an array of different forms such as, physical and sexual abuse, psychological, emotional, financial, threatening behavior, stalking and harassment.

If you’d like some more information about the project and are facing any type of abuse or know someone that might be, please check out the official Kirklees site for further information www.kirklees.gov.uk/domesticabuse

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