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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Heated Confrontation: The Fury Family vs Jake Paul!

Jake Paul has become one of the biggest names in the world. From being an innocent kid actor and appearing on shows on the popular Nickelodeon channel to rising to fame in making content for YouTube with his older brother Logan Paul.

Both the Paul brothers not only have millions of followers on their respective social media accounts and over millions on their YouTube channels, but both of them also decided to take on an unusual venture of the sweet science of boxing. Although Logan just fought recently against former welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, the brother of Logan, Jake has taken things more seriously.

As of right now, Jake Paul is undefeated in the ring with a record of four fights without a loss. However, Jake has received criticism over the years of fighting ‘nobodies’ and took the initiative to prove his haters wrong in taking the fight against the brother of Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury plans on taking the reigns from his brother Tyson when he decides to hang up the gloves and call it a career.

Before they settle their differences in the ring, both Jake and Tommy were part of a press conference to discuss their much-anticipated fight in December.

Pictured Jake Paul in Puerto Rico for training camp

The heated confrontation began moments into the press conference when Jake Paul started shouting at how he was the better fighter and expressed Tommy wasn’t a real fighter. The Fury family did not take kindly what Paul said and started firing moments later with their own accusations at Paul stating he in fact wasn’t the real fighter as he fought nobody too.

Later in the press conference after a lot of back-and-forth, John Fury had reached boiling point and tried punching the monitor Jake was on. The press was taken back as to how Jake got under the skin of John Fury, but John laughed it off and said: “My son is going to knock you out”.

Jake has always been symbolised as the ‘mouth-piece’ in all the fights he has had. His style to promoting a fight was even praised by the promoter of Tommy Fury as Frank Warren said, “I’ve never done something like this before. There’s a lot of hype and as you can see there’s a lot of bad blood between the two’. He further adds, ‘These types of events bring a whole new audience and I thank Jake Paul for that’.

Although the average fight fan wouldn’t really watch a fight like this, it’s hard to argue how much this brings new viewers to the boxing world and the fighting world itself. Jake Paul has also mentioned in previous interviews how the UFC fighters aren’t getting paid enough and had a go at Dana White explaining how he doesn’t pay his fighters what they truly deserve.

All in all, the fight between Tommy and Jake is set to take place next month with both fighters already stating predictions of knockouts soon.

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