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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Massive delay of waste collection across the UK. IT issues cause waste collection delays in Kirklees

Multiple council reports have issued a delay in collecting rubbish due to the increase of COVID-19 which has resulted in staff being ill or self-isolating.

Due to the increase of waste disposal causing delays, councils are struggling to deal with the sudden rise of complaints coming in. As of right now, delays have occurred in Manchester, Nottinghamshire, Coventry and it seems like Kirklees is now feeling the impacts of the delay.

Local Facebook groups with individuals from Kirklees have a split opinion as posts with over 184 comments suggest some are for the delay to allow the waste disposal team to have some time off with-it being Christmas and others who are against it.

One individual explained, “They’ve done a fantastic job. They have worked all bank holidays except last week. They deserve a break.

“We need to be grateful for what we have. I hope all the bin men have a good bank holiday and thank you”.

Another member has said, “Personally, I’m glad the bin men had time off for Christmas. Them poor folk have worked throughout the pandemic, so they deserve time off”.

Other members who aren’t so keen in the waste disposal team taking time off despite it being Christmas and New Years have said, “Yes, I agree they deserve a break, but people should be able to get rid of their rubbish in one go not just 3 bags at the side of the bin. Some people do not drive so cannot get to a tip”.

Despite multiple reports suggesting the delay is due to members of staff falling ill or self-isolating, Kirklees council has explained an IT issue has caused a delay which has left individuals not receiving the latest information about bin collections as they explain,

“We are aware some residents are not receiving their weekly bin collection alerts, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We have an issue with IT which is causing a problem and working hard to fix this.

“You can view your bin collection dates on our website by entering your postcode below. Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused”.

The latest confirmed date for collection in Dewsbury is, Monday 10 Jan 2022 for the green recycling bin and Monday 17 Jan 2022 for the general waste bin.

To find out when your bin is being collected, the link is provided below:

Your bins | Kirklees Council

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