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Thursday, May 30, 2024

“We were all devastated”. Batley Clubs heartbroken after cabin with £10,000 worth of Football and Cricket equipment burned down on New Years Day

Mount Pleasant Football Club and Bradley Football Club are saddened beyond words after finding their cabin filled with both football and cricket equipment has been burned down to ashes.

The cabin itself was used by both clubs which contained over £10,000 worth of equipment which had been generated over the years.

Mount Pleasant Football Club was founded almost 20-years-go when chairman and coach Yunus Lunat realised a lot of the students were not able to partake in other clubs due to training and games taking place at Mosque times. Instantly, he realised the Muslim kids would be at a disadvantage and began his own club with the help of other parents.

Fast forward almost 20-years, the club has over 150 to 200 members who visit on a weekly basis. Student range between 6 years to an open age of 30+ years. On a weekly basis students are trained at the pitch in Batley on a Saturday morning and play games for the Huddersfield division on a Sunday afternoon. The adult team also trains on a Saturday but play their games in Halifax and Spen Valley.

Another club which uses the facilities is Bradley Football Club. A club which was founded after the murder of Bradley and named after him in his memory.

Yunus explained how he had come to the news of finding out and explained, “One of our coaches was going for a jog on New Year’s Day and he saw the cabin was blackened all over. We are devastated, it’s heart breaking”.

He adds, “Everything in the cabin was funded by parents, students, local businesses and sponsorships. To see it all go down into ashes is devastating because that’s almost 20-years of getting all this equipment together”.

Ahmed Patel, one of the coaches for Mount Pleasant FC began a Just Giving page to raise money for the cause. The target for the club is to aim to raise £10,000 so students can continue training and have a place to go and play the sport they love.

Ahmed has explained, “It’s wonderful that we’ve got this support from the local people. People from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds have come to support us and I think that’s brilliant”.

Kim Leadbeater, the MP for Batley and Spen has also taken the initiative to help raise the money by spreading the awareness on her social media accounts.

She also expressed in recent vandalism of the equipment being, “Upset, angry & deeply disappointed to see this senseless behaviour when good people work so hard for our community”.

Support from local people has been quite amazing as some individuals have given £500 in donations. Support continues to pour in, but the clubs desperately need help to reach the target. If you would like to support the cause the link is provided below:

Crowdfunding to Bradley’s Army FC and Mount Pleasant FC had thousands of pounds worth of football club equipment set on fire and need your help to replace. on JustGiving

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