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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Meet the 13 local election candidates standing in Dewsbury

The country goes to the polls on 5 May.

The country goes to the polls in a week to elect councillors across the country. In Kirklees, there are 100 candidates representing ten parties, plus independents, in 23 wards across the borough.

Some of those wards are traditionally dominated by the main parties and are unlikely to change hands. However, some are considered key targets with the Tories eyeing the possibilities this year in Dewsbury East.

A third of all 69 seats are up for election with one seat in all of Kirklees’ wards going to the polls.

The council is currently in no overall control with Labour (33 seats), Conservative (19 seats), Liberal Democrat (nine seats), Green (three seats), Holme Valley Independents (three seats) and other Independents (two seats).

Of the seats up for election this year, Labour hold 11, Conservative six, Lib Dem four, Holme Valley Independents one and Green one.

Voting will begin at 7am on 5 May and will end at 10pm. Counting will begin at 1pm on 6 May with a full declaration expected by 6.30pm.

There are 13 candidates standing in three wards in Dewsbury.


Sir Archibald Stanton Earl ‘Eaton (Monster Raving Loony Party)

My main aspirations:

  • Tackling speeding and anti-social behaviour.
  • OAP welfare and well-being.
  • Maintenance of highways.
  • Road safety.
  • Loss of services.
  • Police visibility.

If all the electorate who didn’t vote in 2021 voted for me on 5 May then I would be your new councillor. If you don’t usually vote then vote unusually.

Keith Mallinson (Conservative)

As a councillor, I will focus on what people have told me on the doorstep. Campaigning to invest more in our roads and in making them safer, putting more money into schools to help pupils who have fallen behind catch up, and keeping costs under control and council tax low.

Gideon Richards (Green)

With rising energy prices we need to find ways of reducing energy demand in the home. So, as well as insulation measures we also should use renewables as much as possible on all new buildings. Greens will push for this on all new council-built property.

Cathy Scott (Labour)

Some of my pledges:

  • Securing investment for the regeneration of our town centre and market.
  • Championing a heritage centre to recognise and remember the proud history of our town.
  • Supporting a range of community groups with access to funding.
  • Continuing listening to your views, ensuring your priorities are my priorities.

Dan Woodlock (Lib Dems)

It’s time we had change in Dewsbury East. Residents on the doorstep are complaining to me about not being heard; that’s the difference I want to make. I want people to know that if they talk to their councillor something will happen. Whatever the result of this election I will continue to work hard.


Masood Ahmed (Labour)

My pledges: Reduce anti-social behaviour. Have more police on the streets to address road safety and speeding vehicles. Have more appealing/accessible play areas for all age groups with natural and traditional play equipment. Secure more funding to improve roads, footpaths, and potholes. Tackle fly-tipping and litter. Support the most vulnerable.

Sean Guy (Conservative)

Dewsbury desperately needs change, something Labour cannot deliver. If elected I’ll continue to work with Mark Eastwood MP to achieve this. Focus on fixing roads and road safety and, as a teacher, working to ensure the extra funding we’ll deliver helps pupils most in need to catch up missed education.

Dennis Hullock (Lib Dems)

As a former councillor I know it takes hard work to show people you are there for their benefit, not the council’s. Our communities deserve a chance to vote for someone who is on their side. I understand the issues at work in the ward. Whether it’s loss of surviving green land or anti-social driving, I’ll work with whoever it takes to make a difference.

Albert Parker (Green)

Due to the lack of a climate action plan Kirklees Council received a 0% rating from Climate Emergency UK earlier this year. Greens would ensure that Kirklees developed a Climate Action Plan in the coming municipal year and started acting on it.


Ammar Anwar (Labour)

My election pledges: Community safety: tackling anti-social behaviour and crime. Repairing dangerous pavements and roads. Improving our environment: tackling fly-tipping and litter. More activities for children/young people including investing in local parks. More support for older people’s independence. To support the work in Kirklees to tackle the climate emergency.

Sajid Hussain (Conservative)

I will champion the needs of the people of Dewsbury. Having lived here for 25 years I have seen the decline and will work to reverse this. I will push for more affordable housing to help with overcrowding and for investment in roads and road safety to keep people safe.

John Rossington (Lib Dems)

People I talk to in Dewsbury West are fed up with being taken for granted. The Conservatives have shown their true colours and local Labour don’t listen. Residents need someone who will act for them in council, making sure their concerns are properly heard – and acted on!

Nicholas Whittingham (Green)

Greens on Kirklees and other West Yorkshire councils continue to call on the West Yorkshire Pension Fund to divest from support for fossil fuels. The fund supports Leeds Bradford Airport expansion. Labour have continued to resist calls to divest. If more Greens are elected we will push harder for change.

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